Chicken Breeds In Adelaide

These are the chickens we see at Walkerville Vet, your local chicken friendly vet. All these birds are hens except the Australorp at the end. Sorry, this is a guide to breeds, not a page on where to buy chickens (though Keelan’s is a good place to start).

Read more on choosing chicken breeds and chicken care here.

BarnevelderBarnevelder hen chicken

A little less common than the others, but a pretty bird and a slightly smaller size.

DorkingDorking chicken

Actually we haven’t seen one of this rare breed yet, but the lovely folks at Keelan Grain & Fodder sometimes have them, along with Australorp and ISA Brown hens. They’ll also be about to offer good chicken foods that go along with our chicken diet advice.

ISA BrownISA Brown hen

This breed is quite prone to egg peritonitis (sometimes erroneously called egg binding)

Leghornleghorn hen chicken

Light Sussexlight sussex hen

Don’t poop on our keyboard!

Silver laced Wyandottesilver laced wyandotte

Gold Laced Wyandottegold laced wyandotte

Rhode Island Redchicken rhode-island red

Australorpaustralorp chickens

By Bodlina (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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