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How To Clean Dogs Teeth

Every so often I’m reminded that I’m not doing such a great job. As part of a routine health check, I’ll be checking a dog’s teeth. “Wow,” I say, “Good job! You must give him a raw bone at least every week to get teeth this good.” “No. I brush his teeth every day.” 

Are Raw Diets Good For Dogs & Cats?

The disappointment down the phone line was almost audible, and I didn’t enjoy having caused it. I was giving an interview to a filmmaker wanting to show the benefits of raw food diets but I had to start by clearing the air. “I’m really sorry,” I said, “there just isn’t any evidence for health benefits […]

How To Clip Birds Wings

There are two ways to clip wings. The lazy way and the right way. Vets have known this for a very long time. Why is it then that I have never yet seen a bird’s wing clipped properly? I keep seeing birds’ wings I can only describe as butchered, and injuries as a result. It’s time bird […]

How You CAN Get Your Cat To Lose Weight

Imagine the outrage if a character called Fat Dog (or fat anything for that matter) was created today. Yet, there we were in Adelaide in the 1980s watching Fat Cat tell us to go to bed at 7:30 every night. The fact is that an overweight cat is taken less seriously than an overweight dog. […]

How You CAN Get Your Dog To Lose Weight

  Have a look at this chart: are you as surprised as I was when I put this together?  It shows the results of the last five studies where vets have taken percentages of overweight dogs in the US, UK, and Australia. How can you make sure your best mate doesn’t end up as another statistic […]