Find An Emergency Vet Open Late

Before you have an emergency, it’s good to know which after hours vet is closest and how you will get there in a hurry. There are four veterinary hospitals open 24 hours a day, seven days a week in Adelaide*. We created this clickable map by comparing travel times to each one from various locations. Please use it to get directions to your nearest vet when your regular vet is closed.

Walkerville Vet is open 8am to 6:30pm weekdays and 9am to 4pm Saturdays. Read more

How To Tell If Your Chicken Is Healthy

chicken health infographic
Most people can tell if a dog or cat is sick. It’s not too hard with ferrets either. All of these are predator species and have no reason to hide their illnesses.

Then there are the prey species, like rabbits, guinea pigs and birds. They deliberately hide signs of illness. They even pretend to eat! Most of the time what looks like ‘sudden death’ or a ‘heart attack’ is really the end of a long, slow illness we couldn’t see.

The good news is that you can tell. Here’s what to look for: Read more

Help! My Chicken Is Egg Bound

At A Glance (Details Below)

Emergency Care

How To Treat An Egg Bound Chicken

  1. Beware- true egg binding is extremely rare in domestic chickens
  2. When a chicken is egg bound, it is mostly due to poor nutrition such as attempting to feed chickens entirely on table scraps
  3. Most cases of suspected egg binding turn out to be egg peritonitis or internal lay


Now dive deeper. Read more