How Common Is Heartworm in Adelaide?

We have a problem. It’s a good problem. Young vets graduate and work without ever seeing a case of heartworm in dogs. If they do, it’s a rare dog from a very disadvantaged background.

Compare this with the 1980s and 1990s. It’s hard to find a dog owner from that time who didn’t know a dog that died from heartworm in Adelaide. Read more

A heartworm prevention that saves human lives

Not every medical advance goes from humans to animals; heres the story of one that went the other way.

The Nobel Prize in Medicine is awarded for advances in human health. This year’s winners waited a long time for recognition; if dogs could vote, it would never have taken so long. The drug that saved generations of their lives went on to fight a major cause of human suffering.

Image Flickr

Image Flickr

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