How You CAN Get Your Dog To Lose Weight

Overweight dog stuck
Have a look at this chart: are you as surprised as I was when I put this together? prevalence overweight dogs

It shows the results of the last five studies where vets have taken percentages of overweight dogs in the US, UK, and Australia.

How can you make sure your best mate doesn’t end up as another statistic in the dog obesity epidemic?

Answer: read on. It’s positive, 100% judgement-free and based on 25 years of successfully helping dog owners like yourself. Read more

Help! My Dog Has A Lump

At A Glance (Details Below)

What to do

When A Dog Has A Lump

  1. Get new lumps checked regularly to ensure they are not cancerous
  2. Most lumps are benign and can be diagnosed on the spot at the vet
  3. Successful removal on the head, tail and legs requires earlier surgery


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The New Parvovirus Strain In Australian Dogs

UPDATE: We are glad to inform you that our standard Nobivac DHP vaccine has been proven to protect against strain CPV-2c. See more below.

Every dog owner’s worst nightmare is Parvovirus. This week the detection of a new strain in Australia was announced. Although there’s no reason to panic, here’s what vets and dog owners need to know.   Read more

Common Hazards To Puppies

Before I show you the causes of the most serious problems we see in young puppies at my clinic, there’s one thing that you have to do: know where to go.

This map shows your closest 24-hour veterinary emergency hospital so you know where it is before you need it. It wouldn’t be silly to even plan the drive so you can go straight there in an emergency. There are several in Adelaide; we recommend the Animal Emergency Centre at 102 Magill Road Norwood. Read more

Choosing A Good Dog Breed

Welcome to the exciting path to getting a new dog. Please visit all three stages:

  1. Deciding which dog breed to choose (that’s this one!)
  2. Finding a good breeder or shelter
  3. Choosing the best dog from the breeder or shelter

Have you done your research and already know which breed you want? If you have your heart set on a certain dog, it’s a great start. That way, you’re almost certain to love and treasure your puppy even when things are not so easy.

If you don’t know, well done for reading this first! So many people choose the wrong dog for their home and lifestyle and by the time we see them, it’s too late. Read more

Help! Dogs With Cuts & Cats With Wounds

At A Glance (Details Below)

What to do

When A Dog Or Cat Gets A Cut

  1. Don’t handle the wound if it looks clean, just keep your pet out of the dirt
  2. To remove dirt, rinse cuts in a solution of 1/2tsp salt to 1 cup water
  3. If there is serious bleeding, apply a tight bandage using clean cloth
  4. As long as you see a vet immediately, a tight dressing should do minimal harm and may be lifesaving

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