Common Hazards To Puppies

Before I show you the causes of the most serious problems we see in young puppies at my clinic, there’s one thing that you have to do: know where to go.

This map shows your closest 24-hour veterinary emergency hospital so you know where it is before you need it. It wouldn’t be silly to even plan the drive so you can go straight there in an emergency. There are several in Adelaide; we recommend the Animal Emergency Centre at 102 Magill Road Norwood. Read more

Help! My Dog Ate Rat Poison

At A Glance (Details Below)

Emergency Care

What To Do If A Dog Eats Rat Or Mouse Poison

  1. If less than two hours since ingestion, see a vet ASAP to cause vomiting
  2. Dogs with suspected poisoning need to start an antidote within 2 days
  3. Follow your vet’s advice on blood testing & when to stop treatment


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Help! My Pet Ate Poison

At A Glance (Details Below)

Emergency Care

What To Do If A Dog Or Cat Eats Poison

  1.  Vets can remove poisons by vomiting or adsorbents if less than two hours
  2. Don’t try to cause vomiting at home unless no vet is available
  3. Many poisons cause delayed damage so see a vet even if your dog appears healthy


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Myth 21: Tea Tree Oil is good for my dog’s skin

toyah the boxerThis is Toyah’s gift to all dogs with itchy skin. She had mild dermatitis for a while and her owners quite rightly thought a bath would help. They found a nice-looking soothing shampoo with tea tree oil and gave her a good clean. Instead of getting better, her dermatitis got dramatically worse, and three days later when she came to us her skin was looking angry and sore. Read more

Poisoning in a puppy. Yes, the vet’s puppy.

sick puppy

Just to to prove it happens to us all, here is Loki’s recent health emergency and some advice on how to identify and avoid pet poisons.
Four days ago Andrew’s 9 week Jack Russell Terrier was doing his usual morning routine of running around the garden seeing what could be destroyed or eaten. He was of course under supervision but all the same was darting in and out of sight among the bushes. All seemed fine but only ten minutes later he suddenly Read more