When Vets Make Mistakes

Sometimes in quieter moments, the past weighs heavily on me. What makes being a vet great is also what makes it so tough. It’s also one of the main reasons why so many young vets walk away from the job. Being a vet means being responsible for a patient’s care in a way that perhaps only your GP will understand. Read more

Help! My Cat Won’t Eat

At A Glance (Details Below)

Quick Care Guide

How To Get A Cat To Eat

  1. Try a familiar food first: moist, smelly foods are usually tastier.
  2. Warm the food up to body temperature.
  3. Try flavourings like fish, kangaroo or gravy.
  4. Only happy cats eat, so give them plenty of pats.
  5. Get a vet to check that your cat isn’t sick or stressed.

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Help! My Rabbit Is Sick

At A Glance (Details Below)

Rapid Care

What To Do When A Rabbit Is Sick

  1. When rabbits get sick they tend to hide serious illnesses until very late so if something is suspected to be wrong it’s best to get it checked by a vet
  2. Common causes of illness in rabbits are gastrointestinal stasis, kidney stones and traumatic injuries

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Jack gets a pacemaker

jack beforeWe’re so excited that one of our patients has a pacemaker that we can’t stop talking about it.

Jack came to us a few months ago with a history of falling over at home. From the moment of his first examination it was clear there was something very wrong with his cardiac rhythm. A good heart creates a rhythm you can dance to but this beat would empty the dance floor. Read more

Help! My Cat Is Constipated

At A Glance (Details Below)

Emergency Care

How To Treat Constipation In Cats

  1. Beware: more than 50% of male cats who are thought to be constipated actually have a medical emergency.
  2. Straining to poo in a male cat may actually be straining to pee.
  3. Constipation is rarer than urinary obstruction. If a cat is truly constipated, it is usually secondary to another problem.

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Poisoning in a puppy. Yes, the vet’s puppy.

sick puppy

Just to to prove it happens to us all, here is Loki’s recent health emergency and some advice on how to identify and avoid pet poisons.
Four days ago Andrew’s 9 week Jack Russell Terrier was doing his usual morning routine of running around the garden seeing what could be destroyed or eaten. He was of course under supervision but all the same was darting in and out of sight among the bushes. All seemed fine but only ten minutes later he suddenly Read more