Why I Hate Tennis Balls (And Dogs Love Them)

Tennis ball dog

For many dogs, the highlight of their day is a game of fetch with the ball. Who can resist? You’d have to have a heart like a stone to say no. Or, like me, to know too much.

Stay with me while I show you five ways that tennis balls were made in the devil’s workshop. Afterwards, I’ll tell you how your dog can still have that fun without the risk. Continue reading “Why I Hate Tennis Balls (And Dogs Love Them)”

Help! My Dog Is Itchy & Won’t Stop Scratching

itchy dogs

‘At A Glance (Details Below)’ Rapid Care Guide

How To Stop Itchy Dogs Scratching

  1. A cool rinse or bath with soap-free dog shampoo can give temporary relief
  2. Always use vet-quality external parasite control even if you can’t see fleas
  3. To identify the cause, see your vet quickly before secondary infections develop

Now dive deeper. Continue reading “Help! My Dog Is Itchy & Won’t Stop Scratching”