What To Do Before Your Pet Has Surgery

Does your dog need an operation? Want to know what to do when your cat has surgery? How do you prepare rabbits or rodents for an anaesthetic?
When the time comes, here’s our guide to how to get your dog, cat, rabbit, ferret, rat or mouse ready for surgery. There’s also a guide to what to do for dogs and cats after surgery. Read more

Myth 20: My dog is too old for surgery

mia and friendThis is Mia. We’ve known each other since she came bounding in to the clinic twelve years ago and started stealing our soft toys. To see a cute picture of her from those puppy preschool days, go to the Facebook reviews page at https://www.facebook.com/DrAndrewSpanner?sk=reviews where she’s left us a nice comment or two.

These days she still has a go but though she’s a puppy at heart, she’s old and has significant arthritis. However, her quality of life is good. A few weeks ago, her owner noticed Mia being a bit unsteady and wondered if it could be the arthritis treatment. We thought that was unlikely and so did a home visit to check on her. Read more