Adelaide Pet Sitters: What Can Go Wrong

adelaide dog sitting

In the last 5 years, having someone look after your dog in their own home has become a genuine alternative to using dog boarding kennels. Generally, the change has been a very positive one. However, with new industries always come new challenges.

The dog you see isn’t the only one harmed. In fact, he’s one of a whole string of similar stories I’ve seen and heard recently in Adelaide. Let’s call him ‘X’. Continue reading “Adelaide Pet Sitters: What Can Go Wrong”

Plane Travel For Dogs Or Cats

dog on plane

Have you read our Guide to driving in Australia with dogs, cats or other pets? Driving isn’t for everyone and a lot of the times it isn’t very practical either. Anywhere interstate is at least 6 hours’ drive and if you’re heading to Queensland it’s many times that with overnight stopovers. Many dogs, cats & rabbits will find it very stressful.

Other options include dog boardingcatteries and pet sitting, but you want your best friend with you if possible. Have you thought of sending pets by air? Continue reading “Plane Travel For Dogs Or Cats”

Help! My Dog is Vomiting

‘At A Glance (Details Below)’ Emergency Care

What To Do If A Dog Is Vomiting

  1. See a vet for lethargy, sickness, weight loss, bloating or vomiting blood
  2. Repeated vomiting or diarrhoea can quickly cause serious dehydration
  3. Puppies, old dogs or those without vaccination are at higher risk
  4. A dog that vomits once and is hungry and happy within 5 minutes is probably normal, but please see a vet if vomiting persists


Now dive deeper. Continue reading “Help! My Dog is Vomiting”

Golden Grove Boarding Kennels help a woman in need

three dachshund cross dogs
Update 2017: we still urgently require new volunteers to foster dogs and cats for people fleeing domestic violence. Terms are 6 months at most and all veterinary costs are covered. Please contact us if you can assist.

Those who have been following our Facebook will know about the three dogs owned by a victim of domestic violence. She was taken to hospital and her dogs were in urgent need of emergency housing. Now that their owner has found safe accommodation, she has been reunited wth her beloved dogs and it is safe to tell their story. Continue reading “Golden Grove Boarding Kennels help a woman in need”