Who Owns Adelaide Vet Clinics?

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Ever wondered about how vet practices are owned? No? I’m not surprised; it really doesn’t matter that much.

For those with a passing interest, though, there has been a bit of a shakeup in the past few years.

Major acquisitions of vets by corporate entities have been happening across Australia. I personally received three letters of interest in one year!

As of mid-2016 there are three major groups active in South Australia. As vets near retirement and find how easy it is to sell to these groups, this list is sure to lengthen. I’ll try to keep it updated but given the fast pace of change and private nature of sales I cannot guarantee the accuracy of this list. Continue reading “Who Owns Adelaide Vet Clinics?”

Kids and Dogs

child cuddling dog

Most of the time it’s just assumed that modern pets in families will know what to do, have good manners and to be perfect angels.

When it goes bad, it’s usually the children that suffer. Dogs are more likely to bite kids in the head or neck (63% of bites compared with only 13.3% of older people) and kids are more likely to need surgery and to stay in hospital (Ting et al, 2016). You’ve only got to look at the picture of my young son (above) to see why.

Usually the dog gets the blame, sometimes with tragic consequences, even though the causes are a lot more complicated. Usually it could have all been prevented with better understanding. Continue reading “Kids and Dogs”

Vets, Stress and Suicide

vet stress suicide

There’s suddenly a lot of talk about the suicide rate in vets, thanks to a new study from the USA. It’s re-opened an important conversation, but I believe also created a lot of misinformation.

For example, I saw one vet say it was because of bad debts and emotional blackmail by pet owners. That’s clearly just his experience. So here’s the evidence we have for what’s going wrong, and my suggestions for fixing it. Continue reading “Vets, Stress and Suicide”

Golden Grove Boarding Kennels help a woman in need

three dachshund cross dogs
Update 2017: we still urgently require new volunteers to foster dogs and cats for people fleeing domestic violence. Terms are 6 months at most and all veterinary costs are covered. Please contact us if you can assist.

Those who have been following our Facebook will know about the three dogs owned by a victim of domestic violence. She was taken to hospital and her dogs were in urgent need of emergency housing. Now that their owner has found safe accommodation, she has been reunited wth her beloved dogs and it is safe to tell their story. Continue reading “Golden Grove Boarding Kennels help a woman in need”

Myth 11: All Vets Charge The Same

This article aims to save pets lives and improve owners’ awareness of their rights. While I believe it  is a discussion we need to have, it includes topics which may be upsetting to some. It in no way is intended to be read as criticism of the business practices of any veterinarian and is not referring to any specific surgery, clinic or hospital. At the end is a series of recommendations for what to do when faced with the need to make a quick decision. Continue reading “Myth 11: All Vets Charge The Same”