Welcome to our guide to the best places for dogs in or near Campbelltown, Adelaide.
four paws dog park
Campbelltown dogs get one of the best dog parks in Adelaide, excellent river walks, and an enormous off leash park at Felixstow Reserve, plus two popular pet food suppliers.

Dog Parks in the Region

Four Paws Park

Campbelltown City Council’s only dog park is one of the most popular among our clients.

hectorville dog park

Denis Morrissey Park is on the corner of Montacute & St Bernards Roads, behind the petrol station at Hectorville. Entry to the car park is off St Bernards Road.

The Dog Park is a good size, well-fenced, and has a variety of dog exercise equipment, a dog drinking fountain and benches for seating set among the landscape of Fourth Creek. There are also public toilets and a children’s playground.
Bentley Reserve Dog PlaygroundBentley Reserve Dog Playground
Access via Aurama St or Bentley Drive, Holden Hill

This dog park is an impressive development with two fully fenced areas: one for small dogs and puppies and one for large/ adult dogs. Double gates add security, and the large/all dog area has a large mound. Both areas are of good size for running.

Shelters, seating, footpaths and dual use drink fountains are also provided.

Local Off-leash areas

Felixstow reserve is a huge flat grassed area bordering Riverside Drive and Langman Grove. The whole area is designated off-leash but the other side of the walking path close to the river is not included.

Adelaide Dog Parks

Click here for a map and guide to all the designated, enclosed dog parks elsewhere in Adelaide

Recommended walks

beautiful trails at Felixstow section of the River Torrens Linear Path
The Campbelltown section of the River Torrens Linear Path is always a great dog walk. There are kilometres of trail here, which also join up with the reserves detailed above.

Where To Buy Dog Bones

Campbelltown Centre Meat (butcher)

Campbelltown Shopping Centre, 610 Lower N E Rd

Pet Cafe Campbelltown (frozen marrowbones)

617-621 Lower North East Rd

See our full list of where to buy bones in Adelaide here.

Dog Registration and local councils

Campbelltown is within the Campbelltown City Council Campbelltown vet care is available at Walkerville Vet.

To get to us, drive to North East Road either via Portrush or Darley Road and turn left towards the city. Once you pass us on the right after Hampstead Road, find a suitable u-turn. Getting back is even simpler.