Welcome to our guide to the best places for dogs in or near Clearview, Adelaide. Fitzroy sits in a perfect position overlooking North Adelaide with many nearby places for pets.

Dog Parks in the Region

North Adelaide Dog Park

north adelaide dog park
Located in the parklands between North Adelaide and Robe Terrace, it is an easy stroll from Fitzroy. It has two fenced areas: one for for small dogs and puppies, and another for large dogs. The park has quickly become very popular among our clients. The two adjacent parks called Kangattilla and Kandarilla permit off-leash exercise but these areas are unfenced. This map shows these areas plus other off leash parks.

Sam Johnson Reserve Puppy Park:

devon dog park
Bolingbroke Ave Renown Park

The Puppy Park is also close, and despite the name, there is no signage suggesting who can enter. The council recommends its use for all puppies under 12 months and the large surrounding reserve for large or older dogs to enjoy. Any social dog should be OK but big dogs may find it hard to get a run up in the area.

Adelaide Dog Parks

Click here for a map and guide to all the designated, enclosed dog parks elsewhere in Adelaide.

Local Off-leash areas

In the park behind the North Adelaide dog park and over Lefevre Road are two large areas called Kandarilla and Kangattilla where off leash activity is permitted. The parks are not fenced but are large enough to keep a long way from busy roads.

St Helens Park – 39 Prospect Road, Prospect. This park caters for a large community of dog owners who meet after 5 to let their (mostly large) dogs have a gambol together. The park is unfenced but the dog play area is set well-back from Prospect Road. Access is via Koonga Avenue. See photo.

Recommended walks

There are plentiful walks across Fitzroy Terrace in the north parklands. Many of our clients also walk in the North golf course where and when possible.

Featured Pet-friendly Venue

outside seating at Chuck Wagon
A walk across the park to the top end of North Adelaide will bring you to Chuck Wagon for coffees and breakfasts. There’s a nice outdoor seating area and fresh water for dogs. Closer by is the cafe attached to the Aquatic Centre for a quick walk and sneaky ice cream.

Where To Buy Dog Bones

north adelaide butcherPalmdale Village Meat, Poultry & Seafood

North Adelaide Village, O’Connell St, North Adelaide

My Local Butcher (butcher)

1/60-64 Prospect Road

prospect village meats
See our full list of where to buy bones in Adelaide here.

Dog Registration and local councils

Fitzroy is part of the City of Prospect Fitzroy vet care is available at Walkerville Vet. Just travel along Fitzroy Terrace, then Main North Road, turning at Nottage Terrace. Then turn left on North East Road and we are on the left after Galway Avenue.

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