Welcome to our guide to the best places for dogs in or near Medindie, Adelaide. Medindie dogs are blessed by close access to the North Adelaide parklands and wide, quiet streets.

Dog Parks in the Region

North Adelaide Dog Park

North Adelaide Dog Park
Medindie residents are lucky to have this facility so close, located in the parklands between North Adelaide and Robe Terrace. It has two fenced areas: one for for small dogs and puppies, and another for large dogs. The park has quickly become very popular among our clients. The two adjacent parks called Kangattilla and Kandarilla permit off-leash exercise but these areas are unfenced. This map shows the off leash areas.

Broadview Dog Park

broadview dog park
Broadview dog park

This is found next to Broadview oval on McInnes Avenue, Broadview. It’s not so large but is well-fenced, makes a nice change and has a lot of ‘furniture’.

Visit this page to discover more Adelaide dog parks and how they differ from other off-leash areas.

Local Off-leash areas

St Helens Park – 39 Prospect Road, Prospect. This park caters for a large community of dog owners who meet after 5pm to let their (mostly large) dogs have a gambol together. The park is unfenced but the dog play area is set well-back from Prospect Road. Access is via Koonga Avenue.

Adelaide Dog Parks

Click here for a map and guide to all the designated, enclosed dog parks elsewhere in Adelaide.

Recommended walks

The parklands opposite Medindie contain sporting grounds used by Wilderness School and good walking paths extending to North Adelaide around the horse agistment area. Behind Wildy Oval is an area in which you could be anywhere. There is ample opportunity to fine a quiet corner in this large public space.

Featured Pet-friendly Venue

pet-friendly caffeteca

A longish and rewarding walk through the Wilderness playing fields and along the horse agistment area adjacent Lefevre Terrace will bring you to the end of Tynte Street. Caffeteca at 53 Tynte Street, North Adelaide is a cool backstreets cafe with a good local vibe guaranteed to make the walk worthwhile. Over the road is the famous Perryman’s Bakery so bring an appetite.

Where To Buy Dog Bones

Collinswood Fresh Meats (butcher)
41C North East Rd

Palmdale Village Meat, Poultry & Seafood

North Adelaide Village, O’Connell St

prospect village meatsMy Local Butcher (butcher)

1/60-64 Prospect Road

See our full list of where to buy bones in Adelaide here.

Dog Registration and local councils

Medindie is part of the Town of Walkerville Medindie vet care is available at Walkerville Vet.

We are probably the closest vet, easily reached by a short drive up North East Road. Our carpark is on the left a few streets past Galway Avenue and before Hampstead Road.

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