Welcome to our guide to the best places for dogs in or near Walkerville, Adelaide.

Dog Parks in the Region

North Adelaide Dog Park

small dog area in North Adelaide Dog Park
Located in the parklands between North Adelaide and Robe Terrace, it is bounded by Lefevre, Medindie and Main North Roads. It has two fenced areas for both small and large dogs. The park has quickly become very popular among our clients. The two adjacent parks called Kangattilla and Kandarilla permit off-leash exercise but these areas are unfenced. See this map and look for the dark green areas.

Broadview Dog Park

broadview dog park
Broadview dog park

Next to Broadview oval on McInnes Avenue. A short drive up Galway Avenue or Hampstead Road.

This dog park is fully fenced and has basic obstacles such as jumps, logs, tunnel. It is smaller than the North Adelaide Dog Park but very convenient.

Visit this page to discover more Adelaide dog parks and how they differ from other off-leash areas.

Local Off-leash areas

There are two areas in Walkerville that are designated a ‘off leash at all times’. These are:

  • Walkerville Oval (except when in use)
  • EC Scales River Park (Part of Linear Park adjacent Fuller St)

River Torrens Linear Park

Strictly speaking this is a leashed area but it does join up with LG Perriam Memorial Oval (St Peters River Park) where an active and responsible group of dog owners meet after 5pm each day (see details below).

LG Perriam Memorial Oval

(St Peters River Park) within the River Torrens Linear Park

This is a large, well-grassed off-lead area between the River Torrens and the St Peters billabong. It is unfenced but well away from any road. The main problem is preventing dogs straying onto the Linear Park. There is a shaded barbecue area nearby with free electric BBQ’s, toilets, drinking fountain and dogs’ water bowl. Main entrance through the carpark off River St or from Eighth Ave, Goss Crt or Torrens St through the Linear Park.

Doggy bag dispensers and bins are at all these entrances. An informal group of friendly, responsible dog owners with well socialised dogs of all sizes are usually there from late afternoon to 5.30pm in the winter and from 5.30 to 7.30pm during daylight saving.

Adelaide Dog Parks

Click here for a map and guide to all the designated, enclosed dog parks elsewhere in Adelaide.

Recommended walks

Any of the local streets are perfect for a stroll- before we moved many clients would arrive early to go for a walk first. Of note are also Walkerville Cemetery on Smith Street, with doggy bags provided, and the River Torrens path.

Featured Pet-friendly Venues

At the front of the Walkerville Village Shopping Centre is a very thoughtfully designed area with places to leash your dog and water provided (see photo, tortoises). The setting on Walkerville Terrace adjacent the Linear Park is attractive and interesting and the Nest Cafe Bar Bistro serves a good coffee plus meals.

Behind the shopping centre at the base of the apartment block is a delightful new cafe called Local Grind. It’s only a short deviation from either the Linear Park or Walkerville Terrace and is a very peaceful place to take a break with your dog.

Where To Buy Dog Bones

walkerville meat store

SA Gourmet Meats

Walkerville Terrace Shopping Centre, 104 Walkerville Terrace

See our full list of where to buy bones in Adelaide here.

Dog Registration and local councils

Walkerville is part of Walkerville Council www.walkerville.sa.gov.au.

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