Windsor Gardens

Welcome to our guide to the best places for dogs in or near Clearview, Adelaide. Dogs in Windsor gardens benefit from many off leash parks and great walks on the River Torrens.

Dog Parks in the Region

Bentley Reserve Dog Playground

holden hill
Access via Gentilly Street or Bentley Drive, Holden Hill

This dog park is well-designed and built, and is an important asset for the residents of Windsor Gardens. It is fully fenced with double gates and has basic obstacles such as jumps, logs, tunnel, slide and lots of open space to enable dogs to run free and socialise with other dogs and their owners. There are two areas: one for small dogs and puppies and one for large/ adult dogs.

a well-built dog playground is what makes Bentley Reserve attractiveShelters, seating, footpaths and dual use drink fountains allow owners to relax and enjoy the environment.

Visit this page to discover more Adelaide dog parks and how they differ from other off-leash areas.

Local Off-leash areas

This map shows the off-leash areas in Windsor Gardens. Note the large park on Brecon Street. Check local signage for restrictions such as when organised events are in progress or off-leash times.

Adelaide Dog Parks

Click here for a map and guide to all the designated, enclosed dog parks elsewhere in Adelaide.

Recommended walks

The section of the River Torrens Linear Park through Windsor Gardens is undoubtedly one of the most peaceful and attractive. There are no off-leash areas connected.pets and their owners love the quiet surroundings in Linear Park

Where To Buy Dog Bones

Ians Quality Meats (butcher)

Greenacres Shopping Centre, Muller Road

See our full list of where to buy bones in Adelaide here.

Featured Pet-friendly Venue

Do you have a favourite place to walk to from the suburb where your pet is welcome? Please email us with suggestions for this section.

Dog Registration and local council

Windsor Gardens is part of the City of Port Adelaide Enfield Windsor Gardens vet care is available at Walkerville Vet.

Walkerville Vet is an easy trip straight down North East Road towards the city. Once you cross Hampstead Road you need to find the first u-turn to access our car park. Returning is a simple left turn up North East Rd.

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