Meet the Team

Claire is a full time veterinarian who has been working at Walkerville Vet since 2010. She graduated from Massey University in 2004. She has worked in practices in Adelaide and the UK. She has a special interest in endocrinology; the hormonal diseases of dogs and cats. She has a daughter Lucinda, and a son Vincent. She currently lives in the foothills with her family and their pets: a yellow Labrador called Hurricane and Skittles the moggie.
johann rajasingham vet
Johann Rajasingham graduated from Adelaide in 2018 and since then he has become an integral part of the vet team. Before that he was one of our most outstanding vet students. He also has a special interest in Dermatology. In his spare time he is an avid follower of a number of sporting teams.
Dr Brooke Carey grew up overseas and worked in biomedical research, before deciding to retrain as a veterinarian at the University of Melbourne. Upon completion of her degree, she moved with the family (two children, dog Suzie Q, and naughty cat Neko) to her husband’s hometown – Adelaide.  Such a wonderful decision!  In her spare time, Brooke enjoys cooking, gardening, running, spending time with family, and being entertained by the little creatures in her life.
andrew spanner vet
Andrew has worked in the practice since 2000 and now mainly does surgical and diagnostic procedures, as well as surgical demonstrating at the University of Adelaide. He graduated with honours in 1994 from the University of Sydney, after growing up in Victor Harbour where both his mother and father were vets. He completed a masters degree in Wildlife Medicine and Husbandry at Adelaide Zoo and worked in Adelaide and the UK in small animal clinics. Over 2022–23 he walked 3000km from the bottom of New Zealand to the top and is now back in the clinic. You can see his hike Instagram here. He is married with 4 children, a Jack Russell terrier Loki and Grendel the Devon Rex cat.
Suzanne is a Delta-accredited professional dog trainer passionate about force free and positive training methods. She has transformed our puppy school classes into something we are all proud of.
raych walkerville nurse
Rachel is a fully qualified vet nurse. Being able to greet clients with their furbabies and to help them makes her smile. She has a beautiful Cocker Spaniel called Sweetpea who’s just turned 1 year old and 4 cats: Precious, Jack, Henley and Poppet ranging from 4 years to 8 years of age. There are also two cockatiels Bobbie and Spot, husband Daryl & 4 stepkids.
Nicole is a fully qualified vet nurse originally from the south coast of NSW, and is married with two daughters. She loves to do everything in the outdoors in her free time. Nicole lives with her menagerie consisting of a Labrador ‘Jade’, tabby cat ‘Sammy’, Bunny ‘Latte’, 4 Silkie Chickens, Turtles ‘Nibbles & Franklin’ and various fish. Nicole is a passionate new Nurse who loves her job.
adriana walkerville nurse
Adriana has undergone her training with us to become a fully qualified veterinary nurse. Originally from Slovakia, she has spent all of her adult life in Adelaide. When not nursing, she enjoys breeding and showing Boxers.
heather walkerville vet
Heather joined us in 2022 as a qualified nurse with a wealth of experience with over 25 years in the industry, working in emergency and referral clinics in Adelaide and the UK. After completing a Bachelor of Science with a major in Wildlife Biology, she also gained employment as a nurse at Adelaide Zoo. Heather has made many positive changes around the clinic and has a passion for training the junior nurses and enjoys taking care of hospitalized and critical care patients. She loves camping and anything outdoors and lives with her husband, three children, Border Collie “Charlie”, two cats “Buzz” and “Jessie” and a range of tropical fish.
maddi walkerville vet
We rely not just on Maddi‘s skills, but also how she always manages to keep smiling even when the going gets tough.
amanda walkerville vet
Amanda is very dedicated to her job and spends most of her time working, studying and attending seminars/webinars. When she does get a free moment she enjoys spending time with her rabbits: Sergeant Socks (grey and white) and Lieutenant Fluff Bun (grey) as well as buying/selling stocks, driving different vehicles (eg motorbikes, cars, trucks, tractors), helping out at the family farm and spending time with friends and family.
kat walkerville vet
Kat is a vet nurse trainee who started in 2023. Already we can see that she’s got the makings of a high level nurse. She has had a long standing passion for the health and welfare of all animals. When she’s not taking care of her 15 year old dog Rocky or her reptiles, Mochi (snake) and Sleepy ( Shingleback) she enjoys volunteering within sanctuaries and the RSPCA.