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Walkerville Vet was founded in 1999 to provide high quality veterinary care to the pets of Adelaide. We moved across North East Road to our Collinswood premises in 2007, which offer large, well-equipped consulting, treatment, theatre and hospital areas. Over the years the practice has grown into an established part of the community, with many happy and healthy patients. 

Consulting Vets:

Veterinary Nurses:

Dr Claire DalyHeather
 Dr Johann RajasinghamNicole
Dr Brooke CareyAdriana
Dr Andrew SpannerRenae

Opening hours:

Weekdays:8am to 7pm
Saturdays:9am to 1pm
Closed Sundays and Public Holidays

Consulting times:

Weekdays:9am to 6:45pm
Saturdays:9am to 1pm
Closed Sundays and Public Holidays

On weekdays, we try to keep the hours of 1pm to 2pm free if possible.

Patients seen

We will see all mammals (e.g. Dogs, Cats, Ferrets, Rabbits, Rats, Mice, Guinea Pigs) and birds including chickens.

Reptiles, amphibians and fish will be seen for emergency treatment only, then referred

Please let the reception nurse know if your pet has an existing medical history at another vet and (with your consent) we will have this emailed for later reference.


We provide a comprehensive general veterinary practice service, and will provide annual health checks and health management plans and see and treat all types of problems. We will refer you to specialists when necessary. Our vets have a wide range of skills and our services include:

  • General veterinary medicine
  • Soft tissue surgery (e.g. desexing, lump removal)
  • Orthopaedic surgery (e.g. cruciate ligament injury, fractures)
  • Radiography (digital x-ray & dental x-ray)
  • Ultrasound diagnosis
  • In-clinic pathology (blood and urine, testing, cytology)
  • Regular courier collection of laboratory samples
  • Dentistry
  • Behaviour counselling
  • Vaccinations and Immunisations

In addition, our reception nurses are trained to make your visit to the clinic a pleasant experience. They participate in ongoing education and are keen to assist with any enquiries you may have.

  • Free behaviour counselling
  • Puppy preschool class coordination
  • Information on pet health care
  • Advice and sales for heartworm prevention, flea control, worming
  • Nutritional advice
  • Pet care products
  • Weight control clinics, weigh-ins
  • Special food or product orders


Our standard appointment times are 15 minutes. Please let our staff know when booking the appointment if you need a longer consultation. We will routinely book a 30 minute appointment for first puppy visits, second opinion cases, behaviour consultations or complex skin diseases.

Separate appointments must be made for each patient. We encourage you to request the vet of your choice.

Urgent problems will be seen immediately. At times this will cause our appointments to run late. If this happens we will endeavour to call you before you arrive to prevent excessive waiting times.

If you are unable to attend your appointment please contact us as soon as you are aware. We would appreciate this to allow other patients an opportunity to see their vet. We will check your mobile telephone number and send you confirmation SMS two hours before the scheduled appointment time.

After hospital stays and non-routine surgery, animals will be discharged with a vet appointment. Desexing and dental cleaning cases are discharged by the veterinary nurse. Patient discharge, suture removal or postoperative checks are generally at no extra charge.


C5 vaccines in dogs are now only given every third year. On the second and third years, dogs are given bordetella and parainfluenza immunisation only, at a reduced cost. Puppies are able to socialise one week after their vaccine at 10 weeks of age.

We advise cats receive F3 and FIV vaccines. Rabbits should get 6-monthly calicivirus vaccination and ferrets an annual distemper vaccine.

Read our vaccination guidelines here.

Phone Calls

Telephone calls may interrupt consultations or occur when vets are scrubbed for surgery. If your vet is not available to answer the call, the nurse will either confer with the vet on your behalf and relay a response at the time or leave a message for the vet to call you when possible.

All telephone messages and incoming pathology laboratory test results will be responded to by the relevant vet on the same day they are received. Please be aware that sometimes this is not possible until later in the day.

After Hours Care

Read our policy on after-hours care of your pet. If we are closed and your pet requires urgent veterinary attention, we recommend:

Animal Emergency Centre, 102 Magill Road, Norwood
Phone 8362 1722

The AEC is located between Osmond Terrace and Sydenham Rd (between the Orient and Alma hotels). We encourage you to check this location so that you can find them easily in an after hours emergency.


For animals on ongoing medications, the standard requirement is that the patient is assessed by a vet at least every 6 months, and usually more frequently early in the treatment plan. We request your understanding when the nurse advises that a check is due. Please read our prescriptions page for more information.

When you require more medication, please telephone the clinic and a nurse will have the prescription checked by a vet. The medication can then be collected after 3pm. Once they have left the building, unused medications can not be returned for reuse.

Pet Insurance

We support the clients’ choice of insurance company. It is not practical for the clinic to make claims directly so we ask that owners make the payment as usual. We will then complete the insurance form (once you have entered your details) and send it to the company on your behalf


The clinic has an automated reminder system for preventative activities such as vaccinations, heartworm injections, cartrophen injections, dental checks, desexing and annual health checks. On or before the due date you will be sent a reminder letter to your current address, so please ensure you keep us up to date with your postal details. If we have not heard from you an SMS will be sent four weeks later. If there is no reply to this, one of our nurses will telephone you to check you have received the reminders.


Local wildlife brought in to the clinic is treated pro bono (no charge). An appropriate wildlife carer will be found when the animal is stable enough to go, with an aim of eventual release.

Read Adelaide wildlife advice for birds, mammals and reptiles here.

Infection Control

Please inform the receptionist when making an appointment if you think your animal may be contagious to other patients. We maintain a comfortable second consulting room for assessing possibly contagious disease (such as coughs) and the nurse will ask you to wait there if necessary.

All needles and syringes are disposable and are destroyed after being used. Hands and examination areas are cleaned between patients. Reusable instruments, theatre packs, drapes and gowns are cleaned and sterilised via autoclave after each use.

Health and Safety

Please inform the receptionist when making an appointment if you think your animal may be aggressive or dangerous to staff or other patients. We have established procedures to ensure the animal is treated well and does not pose a risk to others but we rely on your honesty. Read more here about taking aggressive dogs to the vet.

Our practice is a respectful environment. It is a condition of attending our clnic that there is no verbal or physical abuse towards any member of our team or our clients and patients.


We will respect your privacy at all times and you can trust that we will never discuss your pet with the public in any way that can identify them. Your patient file is your property and can be requested for viewing at any time. It will be shared with other vets or specialists on direct request but otherwise stored in a secure environment. The files are backed up each evening and a copy is stored off-site.


Please let us know if we are doing well or if you feel there is something we could do better- we would appreciate your comments