Puppy Pre-School Program

Please seriously consider coming to Puppy Pre-School- your puppy will never forget what they learn at puppy school. The aims of our classes, session times and what you and your puppy will learn can be found at Puppy Preschool Aims.

puppy preschool notesThe best time to teach your dog good manners, socialisation and how to live happily with you family is before your puppy is 16 weeks of age. There is strong scientific evidence for this statement and when you come to class we will tell you more. You will also be supplied with our 60 page Puppy Preschool Class Notes which detail the class program plus much extension material and extra reading.

Our Puppy Program will cover the following topics –

Week One

– without puppies. A vast quantity of information will be delivered to you tonight and we don’t want puppy to be bored with school before he/she even starts!

  • The crucial socialisation period
  • How to have a happy puppy in a happy family
  • Positive reinforcement training – what it is and why it works, and how dogs learn
  • Rewards – quality, quantity and use
  • Cues
  • Settle/calm behaviour
  • Handling Dealing with undesirable behaviour
  • Teaching attention
  • How to help your dog to sit

Week Two

  • Revision from last week
  • Massage of various puppy body parts
  • On your mat training, including settle on the mat
  • Meeting people, sit for polite greeting
  • Supervised puppy play, Come away from play
  • Resource guarding, teaching give, dealing with nipping
  • Environmental Enrichment
  • Health care

Week Three

  • Revision from last week
  • Loose lead walking
  • Introducing puppy to Brooms, mops and walking sticks
  • Drop
  • Health Care
  • Supervised puppy play, Come away from play

Week Four

  • Revision from last week
  • Stay/Wait
  • Come
  • Health Care
  • Group Photo
  • Supervised puppy play, Come away from play

Week Five

  • Revision from last week
  • Show us your trick
  • Presentation of Graduation certificates
  • Feed back form

Lesson format and all documentation by Susanne Eckert.