Price List

The following list of prices provides a guide to the cost of services at Walkerville Vet. It should give a good idea of what you can expect. However, due to price changes and differences between patients, absolute accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

Please Note: we apologise that we are unable to provide any further information or comment on another vet’s fees without seeing your pet for a consultation.

Consultation Prices

Standard visit $69.90
Repeat visit $57.75
Nail clip $33.10
Microchip (includes implantation) $59.50
Cartrophen (arthritis injection)$40-$50
First Puppy or Kitten Visit (conditions here)Free

Vaccination Prices

All vaccinations include a full physical examination and your questions answered. You can read about what is included in the puppy package here and vaccine protocols here.

3 year C5 Vaccination  $124.10
Kennel cough vaccine (years 2 & 3) $91.55
3 year C3 Vaccination $115.30
Puppy 10 week C5 Package $258.90
F3 Vaccination $93.30 (4 week booster $85.80)
FIV Vaccination $70.80 ($29.90 if with F3)
Calicivirus vaccination $95.55
Distemper vaccination $92.90 ($50.55 2nd, 3rd ferret)

Desexing & Neutering Prices

Desexing prices include:

  • intravenous drip with MLK pain infusion
  • take home pain medication
  • no-lick collar (except male cats, large dogs)
  • stitch removal

You can read more about desexing options here and the best age here. Prices marked with an asterisk (*) are for dogs over 9 months of age.

Castrate < 10kg male $234.15 ($296.65*)
Castrate 10-19kg male $256.75 ($318.15*)
Castrate 20-29kg male $282.45 ($344.40*)
Castrate 30-44kg male $313.95 ($375.40*)
Spay < 10kg female $319.20 ($422.10*)
Spay 10-19kg female $373.25 ($481.45*)
Spay 20-29kg female $422.10 ($535.50*)
Spay 30-44kg female $475.65 ($594.85*)
Castration male $120.75
Spay female $225.75
Desexing (male & female) $225.75
Ferrets & Rats
Desexing (male & female) $225.75

Dentistry Prices

Dental Scale and Polish (Dog): $438.90 (for dogs up to 30kg with maximum Grade 2 disease)

Dental Scale and Polish (Cat): $353.50 (all cats)

Fees are predictable, as long as no teeth need removal. If this happens, we’ll always call first to discuss any options you may have.

For Grade 2 Periodontal Disease and above, we also recommend dental X-rays for a set fee of $78.75 (unlimited views, extra anaesthetic @ $2.25/min).

Incisor tooth extraction (Rabbit): $525

Prices include general anaesthetic and intravenous fluids

You will also need to come for a checkup with the vet first (see fee above) if you haven’t seen us recently.

ProHeart Prices

This is the annual heartworm prevention injection used by most of our clients

0-4kg $96.58
5-9kg $107.94
10-19kg $123.85
20-29kg $135.21
30-44kg $146.57
45-54kg $157.94

Surgery Prices

It is impossible to give an accurate idea of costs for surgery due to the many variables. However, here are some guidelines:

Grass seed removal $200
Small lump removal $600
Large lump removal $1200
Cruciate (small dog) $1500
Cruciate (large dog) $3700
Patella (small dog) $1200

Once again, add a consultation fee for a checkup and second opinion first if you’re new to us. Click here for information on the differences in dog cruciate surgery.

Diagnostic Test Prices

Again, due to the large variety of options these prices can only give a rough guide. Add a checkup fee for new cases.

Xrays & sedation (2 views) $350
Ultrasound & sedation $475
Ear infection cytology$38.35
Lump needle aspiration$27.60
Urine tests (in house)$26.05
Annual wellness blood test$136.41
Preanaesthetic test (>7y)$122.60
Preanaesthetic test (<7y)$89.05

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