Wheelchair & Mobility Scooter Access

The new Walkerville Vet building is designed to be fully accessible for people with disabilities.

Disabled Parking

The designated accessible parking space is the one in the front parking area closest to the mural. On arrival, turn left after entering the carpark. You will see the disabled car space clearly marked in yellow and blue.

Street Access

There is a long ramp from the street with no steps and a continuous handrail. It runs under a shelter along the mural. There is also ramp entry (pictured above) from the carpark.

Front Door

There are no steps or doormat on entry. An automatic door with wide entry space should allow free access to the clinic. Staff are always in attendance if you request assistance.

Due to the need to prevent animal escape, the door is not automatic from the inside. Therefore, please ask your reception assistant to activate the door button when you need to depart.

Waiting Room

vet waiting room

The waiting room is wide and spacious with ample width for mobility scooters and wheelchairs. There are no protruding display shelves or clutter to obstruct access.

Flooring throughout the client areas is low-slip vinyl.

Consulting Rooms

vet consulting room

The two large consulting rooms (on your right as you enter) are sufficiently big to allow wheelchairs and mobility scooters to enter, turn and leave. Mobile computer displays on long arms allow you to view X-rays and patient results from a seated position.

Unfortunately, the smaller consulting room on the left (reserved for cats and rabbits) is likely to be too small. Most cats are happy in the big rooms but if you have a timid animal, please let us know. We will then ensure that they do not come into contact with any dogs during their entry or wait. You are also welcome to use the cat waiting area.

Accessible Toilet

vet accessibile toilet

Adjacent the waiting room is an accessible toilet. It is large enough to allow wheelchairs to turn, and has fittings designed for people with disabilities. The toilet, washbasin, mirror, clothes hook and door latch are all placed at the regulation height for seated access.


We apologise that the reception desk is too high to allow access for a seated person. Therefore, on completion of your visit, please ask for a nurse to come to you with a mobile EFTPOS card machine. There is no need for you to have to approach the desk.

We hope you enjoy your visit to Walkerville Vet. If you have any suggestions for improving accessibility, we are only too happy to hear them.