What Vaccines Do Dogs Need?

The core vaccines vets recommend for all Australian dogs are:

  • Parvovirus
  • Distemper
  • Hepatitis

This is a C3 vaccination. Additionally, vets recommend that any dog who meets other dogs is also vaccinated against:

  • Parainfluenza virus (a canine cough)
  • Bordetella bronchiseptica (a canine cough)

The addition of these non-core vaccines to the core vaccines is called a C5 vaccination.

All dog owners should be aware of the signs of parvo, distemper, hepatitis and kennel cough. The other dog vaccines available in Australia are only needed in specific situations:

  • Coronavirus vaccination is poorly studied and probably only of use to breeders
  • Leptospira vaccination is only needed in certain parts of Australia: click here for details
  • Rabies vaccination is only necessary as a part of export to certain countries
  • Tetanus vaccination is only needed in certain rural situations

At Walkerville we use Nobivac® vaccines. Read our simple schedule for puppy vaccination here.

Australian Dog Vaccination Schedules

How Australian vets vaccinate dogs depends on:

  1. The age of the dog
  2. When the dog had his or her last vaccination
  3. The brand of vaccine used

Puppy Vaccination Schedules

Vaccines are given at the following ages, based on the brand chosen by your vet:

  • 6 weeks of age: Nobivac®, Duramune®, Protech®
  • 8 weeks of age: Duramune®, Protech®, Canigen®, Canvac®
  • 10 weeks of age: Nobivac®, Duramune®, Protech®
  • 12 weeks of age: Canigen®, Canvac®
  • 16 weeks: All brands

Most puppies have already been given their first vaccine before sale. Make sure you then check with your vet when the next dose is due. In our clinic, it’s at 10 weeks of age, for example.

Here’s the same information in table form.

 Canigen C3/C4Canvac C4Duramune C3/C4Nobivac DHPProtech C3/C4
6 weeks  XXX
8 weeksXXX X
10 weeks  XXX
12 weeksXX   
16 weeks¹XXXXX
Protected²14 weeks14 weeks12 weeks11 weeks12 weeks

¹All puppies receive a ‘safety net’ 16 week vaccination as per WSAVA vaccine guidelines.
²These protection dates have been based on the manufacturers’ recommendations. Where unavailable we have added 2 weeks to the last vaccine date advised.

Puppies between 16 weeks and adulthood generally only need a single vaccine for C3 protection. These C3 or C4 vaccines are given with canine cough vaccines to immunise puppies to a C5 standard. Your vet will choose a canine cough vaccine made by the same manufacturer that is either:

  1. Oral or intranasal (single dose)
  2. Injected (two doses)

Remember, puppies must always be kept away from public areas and unvaccinated or unknown dogs until fully protected. Early protection is vital for good social development.

Adult Dog Vaccination Schedules

Depending on the previous vaccine given, for full C5 protection:

  1. If dogs have been given a 3-year C5 vaccine 1 or 2 years ago (Duramune® or Nobivac®), they only need Canine Cough vaccination*
  2. If dogs have been given an annual C5 (Canigen®, Canvac®, Protech®), or if it is three years since the last triennial C5  they need the whole C5 vaccine

*except at the age of one when Nobivac DHP® is also given (i.e. 1, 4, 7, 10… )

Adult Dogs (Overdue)

For dogs that have missed a vaccine there are two choices:

  1. A fully injectable C5, the same as above. This will require a repeat canine cough vaccine in 4 weeks to give the dog full immunity.
  2. A combination of injectable & intranasal vaccines (as given to many puppies), that doesn’t need a 4 week booster. The overall cost is lower than option 1 but many adult dogs do not tolerate intranasal vaccines.