Pet Care Advice

Whether you already own a pet or are considering acquiring one, the pages below set out some basic guidelines for maintaining their health and well being.

Pet Selection

Choosing which species and breed to own is an extremely important decision. Dogs will need at least 30 mins activity with their owner a day but most breeds will have extra needs to be aware of. Cats are more independent but still require dedicated twice a day care. Rabbits, ferrets and rodents often suffer from the idea that they are ‘easier’ or ‘children’s pets’. In fact they will need more upkeep than the average cat and probably suffer if only confined in hutches. Birds should be given flight space but chickens also need a secure coop to prevent fox attack.

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There is no substitute for research and preparation. We are always pleased when we get asked our opinion on species and breed selection as these people will usually end up being the better pet owners. Please click on the animal names from the Pet Care Advice menu for more detailed information. If you are wondering why these are the only animals we mention, read about which animal species make good pets.