Adelaide Vet Ultrasound

Could your dog, cat or ferret need an ultrasound examination? We’re happy to help.

What Ultrasound Is For

It’s great for diseases of the liver,  spleen, pancreas, stomach, intestines, kidneys, prostate and bladder. It’s also excellent for pregnancy diagnosis. We love ultrasound.

Why Ultrasound Is Useful For Pets

  • It’s non-invasive. That means it’s an excellent alternative to most exploratory surgery.
  • It’s sensitive. We can see structures only a few mm in size that the naked eye could miss.
  • It’s fast. We can give a diagnosis on the same day in many cases.
  • It’s painless. Pets are only lightly sedated to prevent stress or anxiety.

See the current abdominal ultrasound price here. Please note that we do not perform a cardiac ultrasound (echocardiogram) ourselves and instead arrange for visiting echocardiography.

Dog Ultrasound Pictures

Andrew’s dog was drinking more water and blood tests showed he had elevated liver enzymes. The logical next step was an ultrasound examination of his abdomen. Thankfully, all was OK. Here are some pictures from his scan.

dog liver ultrasound
Liver (cross sectional)
dog gallbladder ultrasound
Liver with gall bladder
dog spleen ultrasound
Spleen (cross sectional)
comparison spleen liver
Liver & spleen comparison
dog liver ultrasound
Liver & stomach (lengthwise)
dog stomach ultrasound
Stomach (cross sectional)
dog stomach ultrasound
Stomach wall measurements
dog kidney ultrasound
Left kidney (lengthwise)
dog renal ultrasound
Left kidney (cross sectional)
dog adrenal doppler
Colour doppler of adrenal gland
dog adrenal ultrasound
Left adrenal gland (lengthwise)
dog kidney ultrasound
Right kidney (lengthwise)
dog renal ultrasound
Right kidney (cross sectional)
dog adrenal ultrasound
Colour doppler of right adrenal
dog duodenal ultrasound
Duodenum (intestine)
dog gut ultrasound
Jejunum (intestine)
dog abdomen ultrasound
Intestine (cross sectional)
dog pancreatic ultrasound
Pancreas (right limb)
dog urinary ultrasound
Urinary bladder (lengthwise)
dog bladder ultrasound
Urinary bladder (cross sectional)
dog prostate ultrasound
Prostate gland (male)