Free Checkups

We will be delighted to offer your new arrival a free health check (see conditions below). You will be booked for 30 minutes with one of our experienced veterinarians who will give your pet a complete physical examination. We will also go through a checklist of the important things you need to know to raise puppies or kittens to be healthy and happy. You have the opportunity to bring along any questions you may have and to discuss any problems.

We make this offer to encourage new pet owners to have their animals checked within a few days of their arrival. This ensures that any problems are likely to be found and fixed before they are serious, and that you have been given the best advice. It also allows your puppy or kitten to have a stress-free introduction to their visits to us.

The visit also allows us to discuss ‘early puppy vaccination‘ at 10 weeks of age. Many puppy owners have been advised to vaccinate at a later date but we want to maximise the socialisation your puppy can have. By using the 10 week vaccine, we allow more time for puppies to learn social skills in the critical age up to 16 weeks. We will give you a handout detailing this program, and answer any questions you may have.


This offer is strictly limited to puppies and kittens who have been rehoused from the breeder. Free checks are not offered for the owners of breeding dogs, neither are they available as a pre-purchase examination. Where an animal has been clearly brought in due to preexisting illness we reserve the right to charge normal fees. However, if a problem is minor, the owner was unaware of it, or it is easily fixed there will still usually be no charge.