Emergency Vet Care

We are available for emergencies up to 6:30pm weeknights and 4pm on Saturdays. If your pet has an emergency, try to get someone to notify us before you arrive so we can be prepared.

You will be seen immediately on arrival. Clients with appointments will understand having to wait and would expect the same if their pets needed urgent help.

Our Emergency Vet Care Includes:

  • Hospital facilities including state of the art intravenous infusions
  • 24 hour care when required
  • Blood pressure, pulse oximetry, ECG, ultrasound, xray, endoscopy, blood analyser for emergency diagnosis
  • Trained and caring nurses and vets
  • Emergency drugs kept ready for use including antidotes and antivenoms
  • Surgical facilities ready to go day or night when needed

After-hours Hospital Care

What happens when we admit your pet to our hospital? Many people worry that their pet will not get the care they need.

What we do with these animals is based on their needs.

If they only need periodic monitoring, we will keep them at the clinic hospital and come back through the night as many times as checks are needed.

If pets need critical care, we will send them to the AEC (see below) where they can be kept in an intensive care setting under constant observation.

After Hours Care

If we are closed and your pet requires urgent veterinary attention, we recommend:

Animal Emergency Centre
102 Magill Road, Norwood
Phone 8362 1722

The AEC is located between Osmond Terrace and Sydenham Rd (between the Orient and Alma hotels). We encourage you to check this location so that you can find them easily in an after hours emergency.

What Is My Closest Emergency Vet?

This map shows estimates of your closest after hours vet in Adelaide. It is a guide only and will depend on local traffic conditions at the time.