Update On The New Walkerville Vet Building

After 18 years of making do in rental accommodation, work is almost finished on our new and carefully designed permanent home. It’s all due to your support. Read on to find out when we move, where we’ll be and what the building will look like.

Our New Location

Local area plan
We are moving to 142-144 North East Road, Walkerville. That’s directly opposite the Hampstead Hotel and the Hampstead Road lights. A group of old shops on the site were demolished to make way for the new building.

We expect to move in January 2019 with no interruption to our service. We’ll keep this page updated.

The Plans

Here’s what the new building will offer our clients:

vet floor plan

  • More & better designed off-street parking
  • A second waiting area & consulting room for nervous animals (especially rabbits & cats)
  • More room for puppy school classes
  • Large and separate dog and cat wards
  • Walk-in dog runs for large dogs
  • Anaesthetic recovery areas
  • A memorial garden
  • Stability and permanence

Don’t worry, we’ll keep working in the current building throughout the construction.

Walkerville vet frontage
Walkerville vet street frontage
vet car parking
Site plan including carparking

By Andrew Spanner BVSc(Hons) MVetStud, a vet in Adelaide, Australia. These blogs are from a series regularly posted on Facebook and Twitter. We do not accept payments or incentives in return for stories. Like or follow our page or subscribe via email to read the latest.
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2 Replies to “Update On The New Walkerville Vet Building”

  1. Looks impressive ! Also good news report on trying to make pet food safer!
    Can’t believe it’s been about 16 years since we’ve been bringing our pets to you ! Can’t wait for the new abode!

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