When Do Dogs Need Their Nails Clipped?

Updated November 28th, 2020

There’s a lot of confusion about when dogs need their nails trimmed. On any given day, I will see at least one dog needing clipping that isn’t getting it, and another that I’m asked to clip but shouldn’t.

Here I’m going to help you know when your dog’s nails are too long, and most importantly, when they aren’t. Because it matters.

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Dog Dew Claws: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

dew claw problems

Updated November 28th, 2020

Quick question: how many toes does a dog have? Some people say 16, others look at themselves and say 20. The correct answer is 18.

Why such a random number? It’s because dogs have four weight-bearing toes on each foot, and only two dewclaws. Of all the toes, it’s these dewclaws that cause dogs and their owners the most trouble.

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Preventing Stress, Fear & Scares At The Vet

french bulldog vet

Updated November 28th, 2020

Yesterday: a dog who panics whenever someone touches her feet. The day before: a dog with anxiety about her ears being touched. These dogs are everywhere, but what happened to them?

The answer is something I’ve held back a long time from writing about. It contains criticism of my own profession as well as others. God knows, I’m no saint, and like most vets, I’ve made all these mistakes too. But we’re going to keep making them, so you need to know how to stop them.

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Clipping dogs and cats nails

cat and dog nails

Updated November 29th, 2020

We get asked every day to clip dog and cat nails. We’re happy to do it, but we’re also aware that sometimes it’s best to say no. Other times, it’s an absolute must, but must be done perfectly.

Even after all these years nail clipping remains one of the most difficult jobs I do. You can do it but here are some things we want you to know first.

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