Starting A Vet Blog: My Story

Think you could never write a blog? It’s not as hard as it seems. All of us have something worth saying, and these days it’s easier than ever.

Just look at me. When I wrote my first vet story, there was no grand plan, just an instinctive need to communicate that I couldn’t explain. I got home from work, sat down at the kitchen bench, wrote a long-form article and immediately posted a link on Facebook. You can still find it here.  

I was blown away by how much people enjoyed it, as faulty as it was. With the encouragement of a growing readership, the blog evolved and improved. I learned to listen better to pet owner needs, and picked up some technical skills along the way. But even now, despite its size, reach, and influence, at its heart the blog is still a cottage industry. 

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Your Dog or Cat & Coronavirus COVID-19

kitten with interferon

Find the facts below about dogs and cats and coronavirus COVID-19. Keep checking this page for updates on the situation.

Vets across Australia are open as normal. Walkerville Vet requests that clients:

  • Maintain 1.5m from staff and other clients (nurses will hold your pet for examinations)
  • Do not pay with cash
  • Not attend the clinic if in isolation or even mildly unwell
  • Wait on the front lawn if there are 6 or more people in the waiting room
  • Come to the clinic alone whenever possible, and without children

Now dive deeper…

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Do We Really Want To Live In A Society That Traps Cats?

“Unfortunately, there are people out there who don’t like cats — hate cats — and too often we see what happens to cats when they are trapped by these sorts of people.” RSPCA South Australia chief executive Paul Stevenson

“A law like this would give the worst elements of society Carte Blanche to abuse their neighbours’ pets” Brian May (guitarist in Queen)

Why are these two so worried?

New cat curfew laws proposed by Marion Council will allow the trapping of any cat found off the property from 9pm to 7am. Not just by council staff either. By anyone at all.

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Another Cavoodle Puppy-Selling Scam

cavoodle puppy sale scam

Puppy buying scams are everywhere. They prey on the fact that puppies are hard to get, and very expensive. I’ve showed you before my ways to spot a false puppy advertisement. Now I want to lead you through a current example.

Just try this: google “cavoodle puppies for sale” and look at the results. As of 4 Feb, 2020, the top paid ad on my first page is a scam. It’s the screenshot above.

How do I know? Let’s get dirty. You can apply what I’m doing to any site you’re suspicious of.

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