3 Ways Humans Are Better Than Dogs

dog catching frisbee

Updated November 28th, 2020

It must seem strange for a vet to compare humans and dogs and find humans better. Well let me tell you, that’s not normally the case. Just read ‘Why Dogs Are Better Than Humans‘ and you’ll agree.

However, our inferiority tends to mask the fact that there are a few special areas in which we do better. And because we don’t recognise them, we tend to make bad assumptions and harm our dogs. So here they are…

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Which Overweight Dogs Have Shorter Lives?

overweight dog health

Updated November 28th, 2020

Everyone knows that having an overweight dog is bad. But how bad?

Twenty years ago, Purina demonstrated a two year reduction in lifespan in Labradors kept in a laboratory setting. Now a recent large study in the US has for the first time looked at common dog breeds in the home environment.

Here’s what they found, in graphic form.

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Do We Really Want To Live In A Society That Traps Cats?

Updated November 28th, 2020

“Unfortunately, there are people out there who don’t like cats — hate cats — and too often we see what happens to cats when they are trapped by these sorts of people.” RSPCA South Australia chief executive Paul Stevenson

“A law like this would give the worst elements of society Carte Blanche to abuse their neighbours’ pets” Brian May (guitarist in Queen)

Why are these two so worried?

New cat curfew laws proposed by Marion Council will allow the trapping of any cat found off the property from 9pm to 7am. Not just by council staff either. By anyone at all.

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The Death Of Grumpy Cat

grumpy cat resting

Updated November 28th, 2020

It’s easy to forget how refreshing Grumpy Cat was when she first appeared. If something wasn’t as good as the hype, then there she was with perfect one liner to burst the bubble. Coming from a cat like her, who could argue?

Grumpy Cat will always be the queen of memes, and perhaps the most famous cat of our time. Until now, I’ve refrained from talking about her death. But hopefully enough time has passed, because there’s a story in it about the future of cats. 

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Cognitive Dysfunction In Old Dogs

canine cognitive dysfunction

Updated November 28th, 2020

The loss of mental function with age is one of the hardest parts of dog ownership. To some extent it’s unavoidable, but there’s also a lot you can do.

The most important thing is knowing when it isn’t likely. I see far too many dogs written off with ‘dementia’ who really have something else entirely. Usually something that can be treated.

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We Need To Talk: Anxiety Medications In Dogs

stressed dog cat

Updated April 3rd, 2020

No one wants to drug their pets. I get that. But we need to talk about mental health.

cat anxiety treatment

Let’s start by throwing out all the weasel words that stop us seeing it for what it is. It isn’t a ‘behaviour problem’ except to us. All these concerns like destruction, whining, howling, barking, biting or escaping. They’re only symptoms of a much greater problem.

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Adelaide Pet Sitters: What Can Go Wrong

adelaide dog sitting

Updated November 29th, 2020

In the last 5 years, having someone look after your dog in their own home has become a genuine alternative to using dog boarding kennels. Generally, the change has been a very positive one. However, with new industries always come new challenges.

The dog you see isn’t the only one harmed. In fact, he’s one of a whole string of similar stories I’ve seen and heard recently in Adelaide. Let’s call him ‘X’.

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Dog Debarking Surgery

barking fenced dogs

Updated November 29th, 2020

Here’s a rare public comment on a dog breeder forum about what I think is one of South Australia’s dirty little secrets.

debarking SA laws
“You need a stat dec signed by a JP stating the dogs barking is a nuisance etc and all the other methods of redicign the dogs barking have already bent tried and failed. Then you can get your dog debarked. I live on the SA/NSW border and thats how ppl here get thier dogs debarked. a letter froma JP and they hop over the border and get the Op done by a SA vet”
dog after debarking
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The New Laws For Dogs & Cats

Updated November 29th, 2020


In July, 2018 the new laws for dogs and cats came into force. You can read the details by following the link.

Although it will not be universally popular, the move towards universal desexing and microchipping of dogs and cats should produce a clear net benefit to pets and the community.

Regarding the concerns I raised below back in 2016, most have been addressed satisfactorily:

  • Vets can only give temporary exemptions
  • Guard dogs and remote communities are not specifically exempted
  • Breeding standards are already law and now breeders must also be registered, making the removal of rogue operators easier


  • I’m yet to be convinced of the benefit of cat owners being asked to register their cats. Most owned cats have no harmful effect on communities or councils. There are existing laws on the removal of unidentified stray cats that function perfectly well.
  • Compulsory microchipping and desexing are an excellent idea for all cats, but the existing databases you already pay for are still necessary, and in my opinion, all that is needed.
  • You can still buy puppies at Adelaide pet shops from interstate puppy farms.
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Is It OK To Put Dogs Outside?

dog looking outside

Updated November 29th, 2020

I once knew a German Shepherd who lived in a tower block in an English estate. A normal first reaction would be to feel sorry for him, right?

He was one happy, happy dog. Why? His owner was well aware of the potential for problems. He went up and down the lift all day for his walks and toileting.

Was he happier than a dog that lives outside? Can it be true?

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Dog Rescue Scam Foiled By Dr Sky

puppy rescue scam

Updated November 29th, 2020

It’s unlikely there will be enough information to catch these people. We need you to help. We also need you to be aware of what they are doing.

Our rescue puppy
Our rescue puppy Arkie

That’s Arkie above. He was found wandering the streets near Walkerville Vet and brought to us, as are so many other stray pets. Usually all we do is scan their microchip and make a phone call to reunite them with their owners.

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pet loss grief

Updated November 29th, 2020

Can we help you by talking about euthanasia? We’ll try to talk about:

We find that the less mystery there is about euthanasia the less there is to fear. If you have concerns we hope we can put these at rest.

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What koala cuddling can teach us about pets

Updated November 29th, 2020

Having pets is such a rewarding part of being human. But have you ever thought how it is we can keep animals as pets? Why are some animals great as pets and others often a complete disaster? What’s going on? Today I want to explain why a small group of mammals are literally made to be our pets and why you should think very carefully before owning any others.

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Golden Grove Boarding Kennels help a woman in need

Updated November 29th, 2020

three dachshund cross dogs

Those who have been following our Facebook will know about the three dogs owned by a victim of domestic violence. She was taken to hospital and her dogs were in urgent need of emergency housing. Now that their owner has found safe accommodation, she has been reunited wth her beloved dogs and it is safe to tell their story.

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Help! My Dog, Cat Or Rabbit Is Lost

stray dog

Updated November 29th, 2020

‘At A Glance (Details Below)’ Emergency Care

If Your Pet Is Missing In Adelaide

  1. Check your pet’s microchip registration details are up to date
  2. Notify the RSPCA and Animal Welfare League
  3. Ring the nearby local councils and vets
  4. Post a recent picture to the lost pets Facebook pages
  5. Print fliers, post a free Gumtree lost ad and consider a paid Facebook ad

Now dive deeper.

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What’s Wrong With Feeding Stray Cats?

feral cat on street

Updated November 29th, 2020

It all starts innocently enough, An unknown cat starts hanging around the house and looks like she doesn’t have a home. So the householder starts to worry that she’s hungry, and puts out some cat food for her. The next thing she’s hanging around every day and sometimes even coming in the house. Before too long she can always be found somewhere around the yard.

So what’s wrong with this?

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