Help! My Puppy Won’t Eat Dry Food

unbalanced puppy food

I’m deeply concerned by a fast-growing trend in puppy diets. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that puppy owners are being badly let down. It makes me angry and it should make them angry too.

New puppies at our Adelaide clinic are being set up to fail in numbers that I haven’t seen since the 1990’s. The consequences can be the permanent leg deformities you see in the picture. Continue reading “Help! My Puppy Won’t Eat Dry Food”

Pet Food Safety Inquiry

pet food inquiry

Submissions are open for the Senate pet food inquiry. We need the voices of ordinary consumers and average Australian pet owners. If you’re like me, your submission will simply be to ask that pet foods are regulated in the same way as human foods. Surely not much to ask!

Speak up for Australian pet food safety. To see why this is vitally important, visit our pages on Pet Product Safety Problems and The Advance Dermocare Disaster.

Please do it tonight! Submissions close 20 July 2018. If our government doesn’t get our message loud and clear, another chance may not come for a long time. Even worse, without us, they may take the message from somewhere else… Continue reading “Pet Food Safety Inquiry”

5 Myths About Food Allergy In Dogs

dog wheat field

If you have an itchy dog, it doesn’t take long before someone tells you it’s due to the food. Usually that someone also offers an alternative.

It’s not a case of people trying to pull a fast one; they just believe in what they use. Who doesn’t? If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

The trouble is, though, most owners of dogs with skin problems aren’t getting the advice they need. Or they’re getting it far too late. Continue reading “5 Myths About Food Allergy In Dogs”

Pet Food Allergy Testing | Elimination Diets

food allergy dog

Elsewhere on this site we’ve published the evidence for which foods dogs and cats are allergic to. Now we’ll show you how to figure it out for your own pet. This even works for a mouse!

You might also like: The myths about food allergy in dogs.

Diagnosis of Food Allergies

The bad news is that there is no simple test. Popular IgG and IgE test kits sold online are not reliable.

The good news is that you can do it at home. It’s called an elimination diet. You have two choices:

  1. Buy one off-the-shelf
  2. Make it yourself (this is preferred if possible, see below)

Continue reading “Pet Food Allergy Testing | Elimination Diets”