List of Adelaide Vet Specialists

Updated February 23, 2024

This isn’t just for dogs and cats in Adelaide. If you live near any city in the developed world these days, you need to know these people exist (click here for specialists in other states and countries). One day you may be very grateful.

To see a specialist you need to get a referral from your regular vet. You can trust your vet to refer when it’s in your pet’s interests but it’s always your right to ask.

What Is A Veterinary Specialist?

A vet specialist is someone who:

  • Has met or exceeded a high standard of training in a specific field
  • Has done extra university training, rigorous study and original research
  • Has been allowed to join a specialist professional board or college
  • Is registered as a specialist with the Veterinary Surgeons’ Board

Below is a list of every vet specialist available to see pets in Adelaide. Note that there are also many other Adelaide vets who are on the path to being specialists, such as those undergoing a Residency. These vets still have awesome knowledge and skills.

Vet Cancer Specialist

Dr Anne Peaston
Specialist Veterinary Oncologist
Companion Animal Health Centre

Vet Medicine Specialist

Dr Narelle Brown
Specialist in Internal Medicine
The Austin Vet Specialists

Dr David Davies
Specialist in Canine Medicine

Dr Wayne Hause
Small Animal Internal Medicine Specialist
Anzac Highway Referral Centre

Dr Natalie Watson
Specialist in Internal Medicine
The Austin Vet Specialists

Dr Zandri Whitehead
Small Animal Medicine Specialist

Vet Surgery Specialist

Dr Olaf Schaaf
Specialist in Small Animal Surgery
Companion Animal Health Centre

Dr Penny Tisdall
Specialist in Small Animal Surgery

Fui Yap
Specialist in Small Animal Surgery
The Austin Vet Specialists

Dr Ryan Taggart
Specialist in Small Animal Surgery

Vet Eye Specialist

Dr Robert A. “Tony” Read
Specialist in Veterinary Ophthalmology

Vet Heart Specialist

Mr Richard Woolley
Specialist in Cardiology
Anzac Highway Referral Centre

Vet Skin & Ear Specialist

Dr Peter Hill
Specialist in Veterinary Dermatology

Vet Dental Specialist

Dr Kirsten Hailstone
Specialist Veterinary Dentist

Other Specialists

Throughout Adelaide, you will also find specialists in veterinary radiography, emergency medicine, anaesthesia, horses and farm animals.

Where To Find Adelaide Vet Specialists

There are six vet specialist clinics in Adelaide…

Adelaide Animal Emergency & Referral Centre

119 Anzac Highway
Kurralta Park SA 5037
Telephone (08) 8371 0333
Website  Map

Adelaide Veterinary Specialist and Referral Centre (AVSARC)

102 Magill Rd
Norwood SA 5067
Telephone (08) 8132 0533
Website  Map

Companion Animal Health Centre (Adelaide Uni)

Mudla Wirra Rd
Wasleys SA 5400
Telephone (08) 8313 1999


99 Rundle St
Kent Town, SA 5067
Telephone (08) 8133 5300

The Austin Vet Specialists

19-21 William St
Mile End, SA 5031
Telephone (08) 8166 3828

Veterinary Ophthalmic Referrals

204 Anzac Hwy
Plympton, SA 5038
Telephone (08) 7324 2810
Website  Map

Adelaide Veterinary Dentistry and Oromaxillofacial Services

228 Glen Osmond Road
Fullarton, SA 5063
Telephone (08) 7079 6709

Vet Specialists In Your Area

You can find veterinary specialists elsewhere in Australia by visiting your state’s veterinary board register. Worldwide specialist registers exist for many regions and include the following:

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Things change and I can’t promise to be 100% accurate. If you spot an error, or know of a new specialist, please let me know via the comments below. And yes, I did have a lot of fun making that picture.

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By Andrew Spanner BVSc(Hons) MVetStud, a vet in Adelaide, Australia. Meet his team here.

10 Replies to “List of Adelaide Vet Specialists”

  1. Hello my miniature poodle has serious gum disease and I need several tooth extractions I’ve already paid a surgeon $6000 for periodontal repair but I can’t afford another 15,000 they are wanting for the extractions of my dogs teeth is there somewhere I can go to get this procedure cheaper I live in west lakes shore I am a single income provider with children can you please suggest what I can do
    Thanks Kerry

    1. Hi Kerry. All vets can perform simple dental extractions. It’s saving the teeth with advanced periodontal disease that is the realm of a specialist. You should be able to get the work done locally much cheaper. I’m not saying the work will be on the same standard, but I’m sure it will be adequate.

  2. my ferrell born tabby maine coon cross has lost lots of weight, unable to walk and i suspect gastro intestinal problems. the vets at murray bridge were at a loss and expected him to pass on. six months later, he gained some mobility , and then regresses again. i would like brutus to be examined by someone very knowledgeable with cats. any suggestions?

    1. Hi Anastasios. Your vets will be happy to organise a referral and I would advise you to follow their recommendation. It will probably be one of the people listed in this article.

  3. Who would be the most experienced / successful soft tissue surgeon for laryngeal tie back? My 11 yo Golden Retriever has been diagnosed with GOLPP.

  4. My dog has a soft palate issue, which of these vets would be the best to handle this am in need of help
    Thanks Kay

    1. Hi Kay. Most of the surgeons on the orthopaedic specialist list should be able to offer soft palate BOAS surgery. In particular, we refer to Penny Tisdall, Andrew Duncan and Ryan Taggart.

    1. The internal medicine specialists on this list should be able to help you. SARDS dogs usually to do quite well in the long run in our experience.

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