48 Adelaide Dog Parks

Updated February 26, 2024

Here’s our list of all the fully fenced off leash dog parks in Adelaide. There’s a map at the start showing where each dog park is. Please also visit:

We’ve visited every park, taken photos and noted their features. But what exactly is a dog park? They are specially designated by councils and usually have:

  • 24 hour off-leash permission
  • Double-gating at entrances
  • No shared use with other activities
  • Dog amusements, dog watering facilities and shelters for owners
  • Separate areas (those that don’t I’ve called single)

We have not included the large number of other off-leash areas. Visit your local council’s website to check where else you can go or check out our list of eight top Adelaide dog walks.

Gold medal: City of Salisbury with ten dog parks! Walkerville & Holdfast Bay: still on the starting line. See the full list after the map.

Adelaide: Pityarilla Dog Park

adelaide dog park

Glen Osmond Road
This new double park adjoins the ever-popular Marshmallow Park play area in the South Parklands. It has medium-sized small and large dog areas, shelters and water.

Aldinga Beach: Symonds Reserve Dog Park

aldinga dog park

Stewart Avenue.
Separate small and large dog areas are provided within a larger reserve. This park is very new and has minimal shade or amusements but should improve as plantings mature.

Andrews Farm: Stebonheath Dog Park

Andrews Farm Dog Park

Davoren Rd.
Small single dog park at the western end of a large park & lake with walking paths and sporting facilities.

Balhannah Off Leash Area

balhannah off leash area

River St.
Though commonly called Balhannah Dog Park, this one isn’t a true dog park due to the lack of full fencing and double gates. However, we’ve included it due to its immense size, uniqueness and popularity.
Located just off Greenhill Road, it’s contained within a loop in the Onkaparinga River.

Birkenhead: Adelaide Brighton Community Dog Park

port dog park

cnr Alfred St & Hargrave St
Top marks to a private company for creating such an excellent public dog space! A beautifully-landscaped small single park with mounds, a grassy hollow, rocks and vegetation.

Blakeview Pooch Park

blakeview dog park

Access via Jabez Way.
Small single park set between Main North Road and Blakeview.
Can get quite wet underfoot after heavy rains.

Broadview Dog Park

prospect dog park

Collingrove Ave.
Small single dog park but many owners also let their dogs run on Broadview oval when not in use. Good facilities.

Devon Park Puppy Park

devon dog park

Bolingbroke Ave
Small single park with obstacles, ramps, tunnels etc adjacent large sports field. Presumably ‘puppy’ means all small dogs.

Flagstaff Hill: Minkarra Dog Park

flagstaff dog park

cnr Happy Valley Drive & Manning Rd.
Single large dog park near a skate park & playground.

Flinders Park: Tedder Reserve Pooch Park

Flinders Park Dog

Findon Rd & Belgrave Ave.
Single dog park adjacent the River Torrens Linear Park.

Gawler: Clonlea Reserve Dog Park

gawler dog park

Gawler Council have built a large double dog park at Clonlea Reserve north of the helicopter landing area. It has separate fenced off areas for small & large dogs and solar lighting. The photo shows the large dog park looking through to the small dog park at the back.

Glengowrie: Hazelmere Road Reserve Dog Park

Marion dog park
Glengowrie Dog Park

cnr Oaklands Rd. & Hazelmere Rd,
Huge park divided into two. Shelters, water, toilets and many plantings may make this one of the best in Adelaide. Both the ‘small dog’ and ‘all dog’ areas can be entered from the carpark at Southern Ave. The large ‘all dog’ area has another access from Hazelmere Road (pictured).

Glenside: Conyngham Street Dog Park

glenside dog park

Conyngham Rd.
Large single open grassed area with muddy patches in winter.

Golden Grove Dog Park

grove dog circuit

Bicentennial Dve.
Unusual linear layout like a walking circuit (most do it clockwise). The entrance & exit are side by side.

Hectorville: Four Paws Park

campbelltown dog park

cnr Montacute & St Bernards Rd (behind petrol station)
Popular and attractive medium-sized single park with good variety of amusements and mature shady trees. Illuminated

Hillbank: Jo Gapper Dog Park

jo gapper park

Blackburn Rd.
Small & large dog areas
Lovely setting on an open wooded hillside above the suburb.

Holden Hill: Bentley Reserve Dog Park

bentley dog park

Gentilly St.
Good-sized large dog area with central mound.
Separate very small enclosure for small dogs.

Huntfield Heights: Dinton Farm Reserve Dog Park

Huntfield Heights dog park

cnr Melsetter Road & Main South Rd.
Single medium-sized dog park with drinking water, plantings, and a lawn area with shade trees. The grass may be a bit thin, but it’s very popular with locals.

Joslin/St Peters: Hannaford Reserve (proposed)

joslin st peters dog park

cnr Winchester St and Seventh Avenue.
In 2020, Norwood Payneham & St Peters Council have announced their intention to convert Hannaford Reserve into a dog park. Currently the location is off leash at all times, and the upgrade would be very welcome to improve facilities and reduce dog escapes.

Kilburn: Jack Watkins Reserve

Jack Watkins Dog Park

Car parking either off Churchill Rd next to Costco or Kilburn rwy station Carroll Rd
Separate large and small dog areas in middle of secluded large park

Marleston: West Torrens Dog Park

marleston dog park

Westside Bikeway, Moss Ave.
Separate small and all dog areas, lovely moderate-sized parks close to the city and Anzac Highway. Good to see vegetation in the small dog park for dogs that like to explore.

The West Torrens Dog Park is set aside for retired and adopted Greyhounds from 9 am – 12 noon on the fourth Sunday of each month. Owners can book a one-hour session here (maximum 15 bookings per session).

For Greyhounds, see also Port Elliot Dog Park.

Mawson Lakes: Dry Creek Linear Park

dry creek dog park

Park Way, near Technology Park
Small single dog park at the southeastern end of a beautiful walk along Dry Creek from Mawson Lakes. Solar lighting.

Mt Barker: Barka Park

Barka dog park

Access from end of Zanker Drive (nr Bluestone Estate). Signposted from Flaxley Rd.
Vast large dog area with range of amusements; separate small dog area also good sized, mostly grass.

North Adelaide Dog Park

north adelaide dog park

Between Main North Rd, Lefevre Rd, Medindie Rd & Robe Tce.
Vast pair of illuminated parks for small & large dogs. Parking best via Medindie Rd (closer to LeFevre Rd but shrubby & secluded approach).

Northfield: L J Lewis Reserve

northfield dog park

Grand Junction Rd.
Nice quiet location with a recently rebuilt set of three dog parks.
The photo shows one of the smaller parks (the second is to the left) looking through to the larger park behind where most people go.

Panorama: CC Hood Reserve

CC Hood Reserve

Access from Eliza Place
Large single dog park in the middle of CC Hood reserve.
Good local amenities.

Para Hills West: The Paddocks Reserve

Paddocks dog park

Single medium sized park close to Maxwell Rd.
Plus adjacent woodland & wetland where dogs can be walked on-leash.
Solar lighting.

Parafield Gardens: Baltimore Reserve

Parafield dog park

Oleander Dve.
Single medium-sized park attractively well vegetated with native trees and shrubs.
Adjacent sports oval.

Para Vista: Golding Oval

vista dog park

cnr Redhill Rd & Kalina Ave.
Medium-sized dog park with two separate areas, presumably for small & large dogs. Adjacent sports oval.


Fairbanks Drive Reserve
cnr Byron Bay Drive & Fairbanks Drive
New! Photo and visit coming soon

Paralowie Dog Park

Bolivar Road Dog Park

Kingswood Crescent Reserve.
Medium sized single dog park.
Access either via Bolivar Rd or Caulfield Crescent.

Pooraka: Unity Park

unity dog park

South Tce. Single large dog park. Solar lighting.
Behind Gepps Cross BMX club, near good walks around a lake & the state sports park.

Ridgehaven: Ashley Avenue Dog Park

ridgehaven dog park

Access via Ashley Ave or Milne Rd.
This dog park isn’t actually fully fenced. Instead it’s a designated area between a series of sports fields and a creek, set well back from the surrounding roads.

Ridleyton: Doggie Land

torrens road dog park

Albert Greenshields Reserve
The Ridleyton Dog Park is new in 2018. It has a smaller area for older, calmer or shy dogs and a larger area for dogs happy to freely socialise, though still much smaller than the nearby North Adelaide Dog Parks.

Salisbury Heights: Canterbury Reserve

salisbury dog park

Canterbury Rd.
A single medium-sized dog park (with solar light) behind the mound that separates Canterbury reserve from Main North Road.

Salisbury North: Happy Home Reserve

salisbury dog park

Waterloo Corner Rd.
Standard medium-sized park. The unusual feature is a smaller area (pictured in foreground) with picnic tables and a sand pit.
Close to Salisbury, near a playground and walking trails on the Little Para River.

Semaphore: Semapaw Dog Park

West Lakes dog park

Military Road, opposite West Lakes.
Constructed in mid 2021, shown from north with the road to the right (entrances are at the southern end). A large single space for dogs of all sizes with good features, paths and shelters. To the left as pictured is a second separate ‘Sniff Space’ designed as a stimulating relaxation area for 3 or 4 dogs at a time, and therefore also useful for timid or old dogs.

Salisbury Park: Jenkins Reserve

Jenkins Reserve Dog Park

Saints Rd. Two separate large areas in a secluded setting generally closed at sunset.
Large reserve with parking adjacent a good dog walk along the Little Para.

St Clair: Pooch Park

cheltenham dog park

Cheltenham Parade & Torrens Road, St Clair
The St Clair Dog Park is part of a new development. It is a small single park, but nicely landscaped to make best use of parkland near a noisy intersection.

Stirling: Wright Road Dog Park

stirling dog park

Wright Road
A very small area for puppies plus a large dog area big enough to go for a decent walk. Very pleasant location.

Taperoo: Roy Marten Reserve

Roy Marten Reserve

Access via Military Road north of Fort Largs or Ventura Avenue.
Small and large dog areas in a huge setting and even close enough to go for a beach walk! Good facilities.

Trott Park: Reserve Street Reserve

Reserve Street Park

Reserve St.
Huge boomerang-shaped dog park with inner biodiversity area (essentially creating two spaces). Two car parks either via Adams Rd or Reserve St and adjacent BBQ and playground.

Two Wells Dog Park

Adelaide Plains Dog Park

Next to the CFS shed on Wells Rd a short walk from the main street.
A small single park with shelter, grassed area and good scrubby edge for dogs that like to explore.

Upper Sturt Dog Park

hills dog park

This frankly looks like a set of disused bitumen tennis courts but good on the council for being creative. No grass or dirt, but it’s a small enclosed area if you need it.

West Hindmarsh Dog Park

west hindmarsh dog park

At least, that’s the name we’re assuming it’s called! A very new medium-sized single space formed during the South Road works. It sits behind a concrete barrier (with a gap) but is best accessed from Jervois Street.

Woodville Dog Park

woodville dog park

Glen Rowan & Oval Avenue. Very large space, big enough to find a quiet corner. Sometimes used by a local dog obedience club.

This is not a dog park of the modern type. Although fully fenced, the fence height could be jumped by large dogs and the gates are single, not double, meaning care is needed on entering and leaving.

Woodville West: Dog Scentsory Garden

dog scentsory garden

Henderson Ave & Todville St. A small dog park mainly designed for exploration and sniffing, not play with other dogs. It has a limit of three dogs at a time, and probably only spans 15 X 40m.

It will suit the very young and old, more timid dogs, those who like solitary exploration off lead, those not keen on rough play, and dogs with mobility issues.

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By Andrew Spanner BVSc(Hons) MVetStud, a vet in Adelaide, Australia. Meet his team here.

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  1. Looking for a dog park near Marion/Seacombe Gardens if anyone has suggestions? Hazelmere gets too busy for us, which I’m guessing is because it’s the only one in the area…

      1. Thanks Sunita. I checked the Holdfast city website; if it is a dog park, there is no mention but they may just not be great at updating their info. I’ll check it out soon and update my comments.

  2. The Big Doggie Park – Mt Barker is brilliant if anyone would like to visit out Facebook page. Completely enclosed with logs, pipes, shelter and lots of surrounding bush land to explore. There is also a park for small dogs next door. All of our dogs play beautifully together and the people who go there are all lovely, responsible dog owners.

    1. Hi Darly. That’s great. I used to try to list the Facebook pages associated with each dog park but it got too hard to keep up! Is the park you’re referring to the one I have listed above as Barka Park south of Mount Barker?

  3. They are currently building a dog park around Westlakes on Military rd, near the corner of Westlakes boulevard. The park seems halfway, keep an eye out.

    1. Thanks Hermina! I’ll definitely keep an eye on it. How long do you think before it’s finished?

  4. Hi guys! I thought you could add in the balhannah dog park? It is huge! Happy to send through photos if you need

  5. Thanks for putting this list together.
    I’m at West Beach & although there’s lots of grassy ovals, there’s NOTHING anywhere fenced. My dog’s already been attacked at 1 of them, sadly. Really wish the council would enclose an area for off leash dogs especially in day light saving when they can’t be on the beach reasonable hours.
    The closest is Pooch Pk on Rowells/Findon Rd but there’s NO grass for my girl to roll on.. she hates it there.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Colleen. All I can suggest is that you get a group of dog owners organised to write a petition to West Torrens Council to enclose a park closer to the sea. Good luck.

    2. Hi Colleen – as of 2022 there’s now a dog park up the road at Westlakes – it’s listed above.

  6. Looking for a dog park near Port Adelaide?
    My pup is deaf & 6 months old
    Wired hair terrier mix

  7. Hi, there’s a new dog park at Hackham you could add to your list.
    Dinton Farm Reserve dog park
    100 Melsetter Rd, Huntfield Heights SA 5163

    1. Have been there. I have a small dog. Two dog fights the day I was there. Hard to have small dogs and kids there if dogs are going to be fighting

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