Adelaide Positive Dog Training Classes

Looking for good dog training for your puppy in Adelaide? Here is a list of dog training and obedience classes that have chosen to use positive, reward based methods. Please note the new address for Canine Behavioural School.

There are other groups that use older methods such as choke or check chains or verbal discipline but we no longer recommend these. Although some trainers will be extremely caring and dedicated, it’s just too easy to accidentally harm your pup forever.

Simple Rules For Dog Training

These classes all rely on your dog being both dog-friendly and people-friendly. Ideally, they have been well-socialised at a good puppy school class. If that’s not the case, you will need to talk to them first. They will probably recommend one-on-one training, to begin with.

If your puppy is still under 14 weeks, talk to us as soon as possible about enrolling in puppy preschool and other good ways to socialise puppies.

Secondly, all dogs need to have current C5 vaccination or proof of active immunity via titre testing. Once again, contact us ASAP if that’s not the case.

Lastly, you will need to attend with an appropriate lead and collar, but not a choker chain. The class you choose will probably advise a specific restraint method that you can then purchase.

Adelaide Positive Dog Trainers

Note: Walkerville Vet does not have any association with these classes or endorse them in any way. It’s important that you and your dog feel comfortable with the class you choose. How then did I select these classes?

  1. A stated aim to use reward based methods
  2. Regular classes available for enrolment
  3. An active website or Facebook page.

Adelaide Pet Dog Training

Blackwood on Saturdays and Burnside on Sundays at 9am and 10.30am
Phone 8272 0018
, Mobile: 0409 991 530

Advance Behaviour Training

Athol Park Monday to Friday evenings and daytime on Saturday & Sunday
Phone 0431301118

Animal Welfare League SA Mutts with Manners

Wingfield on Saturday mornings or Tuesday nights
Phone: (08) 8348 1331

Canine Behavioural School

Patterson Sportsground, 24 Turner Street Felixstow on Monday nights
Phone 0481 395 337

Canine Interaction

Croydon Park Wednesdays and Saturdays
Phone 0432 247 999

dogs etc

Happy Valley, times and days vary
Phone 0404 464 793

Holdfast Dog Centre

Hove on Tuesday and Thursday evenings & Saturday mornings
Phone (08) 8377 0737

K9 Connections Dog Club

Clare Showgrounds
Phone 0417 086 088

Positive Dog Training

Unley on Monday & Tuesday evening & Clarence Park on Sunday & Monday morning
Phone 0418 886 698

Scholars in Collars

Saturdays & Sundays in Balhannah
Phone 0400 205 667

School for Dogs Aldinga Bay

Aldinga Beach on Sunday mornings & Tuesday evenings
Mobile: 0411 473 745

SuperDogs Positive Behavioural Training

Grange Saturday mornings and O’Halloran Hill Sunday mornings.
Phone 0466 650 945

Virginia & Community Dog Training Centre

Virginia on Monday nights
Phone 0427 034 874

Dog training is always such a hot topic for debate that there are sure to be disagreements. Take the RSPCA force-free list, for example, which is slightly different for reasons unknown. Please let me know if you have, or know of a class that should be included.

Very importantly, it is essential that you contact me if any of these classes do not use dog-friendly techniques!

By Andrew Spanner BVSc(Hons) MVetStud, a vet in Adelaide, Australia. These blogs are from a series regularly posted on Facebook and Twitter. Subscribe via email here to never miss a story!
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