Myth 7: If it is sold for pets, it must be safe

pet treat recall

Update 2018: visit this page for details on the ongoing Senate inquiry into pet food safety.

Perhaps the biggest scandal of pet ownership in Australia is that there is no independent monitoring, testing or licensing of pet food products, and nowhere to turn when they cause harm. And equally shocking to vets is that it is easier to buy flea control products that are neither safe or effective than it is to buy good ones.

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Do Dogs Need Treats?

Following our killjoy post about Christmas hazards, now we’re going to tell you why your pet doesn’t need treats! And why they are happier without them.

Don’t worry. We’re not going to report you to the RSPCA if you occasionally give in to those pleading brown eyes. We know treat feeding comes from the heart and later I even talk about ways to do it well. But we do hope that after reading this you will feel less like you have to give the treat, and less guilty if you don’t.

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How Can We Reduce Puppy Farming?

Update 2017: new dog & cat laws in South Australia are just around the corner. Also read about our help in successfully prosecuting a puppy farmer.

While there are many good breeders we encourage new puppy owners to be aware of where their puppy has come from. Until we have effective legislation, this is the only way we can help to reduce unethical breeding. With that in mind we have formulated a list of questions new puppy owners should ask before purchasing a pup.

  • Have the puppies had a full veterinary health examination and their first vaccination
  • Have the breeding dogs and puppies been given the same veterinary care expected for all pets?.
  • Have the breeding females been bred only between the ages of one and six years, and only at every second season?
  • Have the adult dogs been exercised every day or are they confined continuously?

And of course, PLEASE call us for our health advice before choosing a breed? It is also worth finding out about the common breed-related health conditions and what breeders should be testing for.

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By Andrew Spanner BVSc(Hons) MVetStud, a vet in Adelaide, Australia. Meet his team here.