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Updated June 17, 2024

dog chewing bone

Do you sell fresh bones for dogs? Let us know and we’ll add you to the list!

I’ve started to worry about the supply of raw bones for dogs in Adelaide. So we’ve created a list of where to buy dog bones (below). Why worry? I’ll tell you a story.

First, though, have you read our guide to bone safety and how to choose and feed bones to dogs?

In the 1990s I spent two years working as a vet in the UK. They looked after their pets well, but there was one glaring exception. In the UK the standard of dogs’ mouths was appalling. There simply wasn’t the time or the money to fix them all. I hope it’s better now.

The difference seemed to be the availability of raw bones for dogs. Whereas in Australia, most dogs are offered raw bones to chew, it was a forgotten habit in Britain. In fact, there were regular warnings from vets about feeding bones, with no memory of how to do it, or the difference between raw and cooked.

When I met dog lovers who were open to ‘new’ ideas, I would sometimes quietly tell them how we cared for dogs’ teeth and gums in Australia. They would come back to me later and say they just couldn’t find any bones to buy.

So what happened? It’s hard to say but anyone who’s been to the UK will know how much the big supermarket chains dominate the town and village high streets. Independent butchers had mostly disappeared by the time I was there, and the likes of ASDA and Tesco who replaced them just didn’t sell bones.

supermarket marrow bones

Several months ago here in Australia, Woolworths Supermarkets moved much of their butchering to a centralised site in Victoria. Along with the disappearance of most of the in-store butchers, Woolworths customers started having trouble finding their dog bones.

When I saw a patient with bad teeth whose owner said “we just can’t find bones any more” I started having flashbacks. We’re only a short hop from ending up like the UK without even noticing.

So, here’s our answer: keep supporting the independent meat sellers who can deliver what our dogs need. We ask: if possible, buy your meats where you buy your dogs’ bones, and tell them why. We have a long and proud tradition of local butchers, regional supermarkets and independent pet food stores here in Adelaide, and it’s time to show them our support.

Thanks to your suggestions, we’ve created a list of shops where you can buy bones for dogs. The list is below, but here are a few common threads:

coles avenues dog bones
Coles Avenues marrow bones
  • Most independent butchers sell dog bones.
  • Butchers usually offer to cut their bones the way that suits your dog.
  • Large Foodlands seem to reliably have bones, and some Coles too.
  • Pet food shops also sell raw bones, no doubt also supporting local butchers.

All of these stores have been recommended to us by you, but we can’t endorse one over another. This is NOT a complete list. If you know a store, or own one, contact us! Where the shop has an active Facebook page, we’ve added the link.

Thank you. This page has been written by Andrew Spanner from the information supplied by you. Please like our Facebook page for the latest pet articles and stories from our Adelaide clinic.

Stores Selling Raw Bones


O’Connell’s Butcher

Central Market, Grote St entrance.


Athelstone Quality Meats (butcher)

Athelstone Shopping Centre, 320 Gorge Road


Rubens Pet Food Supplies & Accessories

168-170 Main Rd.


Bridgewater Quality Meats (butcher)

Coles Shopping Centre, Bridgewater


Campbelltown Centre Meat (butcher)

Campbelltown Shopping Centre, 610 Lower N E Rd

Pet Cafe Campbelltown (frozen marrowbones)

617-621 Lower North East Rd


The Pet Food Centre (roo, lamb, beef, turkey)

254 Hampstead Road.



Collinswood Fresh Meats (butcher)

41C North East Rd


Springfield Butchers

Castle Plaza, 992 South Rd


Arkaba Gourmet Butcher (fresh beef marrow bones)

Arkaba Shopping Centre, 180 Glen Osmond Rd


Scruffies Pet Food (variety of fresh or frozen bones)

41 Broadway, Glenelg South

Golden Grove

Foodland Golden Grove (cut bones in packs)


Ians Quality Meats (butcher)

Greenacres Shopping Centre, Muller Road

Also Coles Supermarket

Henley Beach

CrestCut Meats (butcher)

348-354 Seaview Road, Henley Square

Ingle Farm

Ingle Farm Meats (butcher)

Ingle Farm Shopping Centre, Walkleys Rd & Montague Road


Murray Valley Beef (butcher)

400 Churchill Rd

Coles Supermarket

390 Churchill Rd


Leabrook Quality Meats (butcher)

9/457 Glynburn Rd


Churchill’s Butchery

Shop 8/ Cnr Kensington Rd & Tusmore Rd

Morphett Vale

Morphett Vale Butcher

206 Main South Road

Superior Meats (butcher)

Southgate Plaza Cnr Sherriffs & Hilliers Rd

Shanahan’s Quality Butcher

Woodcroft Shopping Centre 185 Bains Road


Keelan Grain and Fodder

Gorge Rd Newton


Feast! Fine Foods

Norwood Place, 161 The Parade

Also Foodland Supermarket (same location)

North Adelaide

north adelaide butcher

Palmdale Village Meat, Poultry & Seafood

North Adelaide Village, O’Connell St

North Haven

Saint Meat Quality Butchers

North Haven Shopping Centre 3/46 Osborne Rd


Petstock (precut lamb bones in packs of two)

Main North Road

prospect village meats
Prospect Village Meats

My Local Butcher (butcher)

1/60-64 Prospect Road


Foodland Rostrevor

161 St Bernards Rd, Rostrevor

Redwood Park

Bonez Pet Food & Treatz

Shop 3, 414 Milne Rd


Mick’s Tender Meat (butcher – beef bones)

169 St Bernards Road, Rostrevor


Aussie Country Pet Foods

Shed 7,  14 Farrow circuit

St Agnes

Bruce’s Meat & Poultry Options (butcher with stores also at Mitcham, Pasadena, Fairview Park & Stepney)

8/1244 North East Rd

Sefton Park

northpark butcher adelaide

Sonny’s Gourmet Meats

Sefton Plaza Shopping Centre, 12/225-239 Main North Road

also Foodland Sefton Plaza


Saint Meat Quality Butchers

37 Semaphore Road

South Plympton

Forbes Meat Store (butcher)

531 Marion Rd


Avenues butcher bones
Avenues Butcher (Bruce’s Meat) uncut bones

Bruce’s Meat (butcher)

The Avenues Shopping Centre, Ann Street


Stirling Variety Meats

Shop 2, 36 Mt Barker Rd


Unley Meats (butcher)

14 Duthy St


SA Gourmet Meats

Walkerville Terrace Shopping Centre, 104 Walkerville Terrace


Welland Plaza Meats

Shop 9 Welland Plaza Shopping Centre

West Hindmarsh

Mr Meats (butcher)

43 Grange Rd


Wakefield Grange Butchery & Grocer

5455 Main South Rd, Wattle Flat.

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By Andrew Spanner BVSc(Hons) MVetStud, a vet in Adelaide, Australia. Meet his team here.

14 Replies to “Where to get dog bones”

  1. There are several Petzest stores in Adelaide. They sell a huge variety of bones and raw meat. Marrow bones are too hard to feed to small dogs, they are weight bearing and can crack teeth. Chicken wings and carcass and also turkey and duck necks, brisket bones are all better

  2. Thanks Andrew,
    This such a well balanced informative article on the safety of feeding raw bones to dogs. In Victoria Tasman butchers (a chain) seem to have a lot of bones that I think are suitable for dogs. Our kelpie seems to manage bones quite well – quite skilful in the way they manipulate them. Hopefully she is gnawing them appropriately, because virtually the whole bone disappears!

    1. The bone is certainly going to shrink. The main thing is that it does so gradually, and you remove the fragments before they are small enough to swallow.

  3. Linked butchers in Nuriootpa also have a good supply of both meat and bones for dogs. The Coop sometimes has bones..

    1. Thanks Cathy. Many of these places will also sell them but we don’t have more specific information.

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