Dog Debarking Surgery

Here’s a rare public comment on a dog breeder forum about what I think is one of South Australia’s dirty little secrets.

debarking SA laws

“You need a stat dec signed by a JP stating the dogs barking is a nuisance etc and all the other methods of redicign the dogs barking have already bent tried and failed. Then you can get your dog debarked. I live on the SA/NSW border and thats how ppl here get thier dogs debarked. a letter froma JP and they hop over the border and get the Op done by a SA vet”

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The New Laws For Dogs & Cats

In the past week there have been two major advances in the vital fight to reduce the number of dogs and cats euthanased every year. We’ve seen the passage of the Dog And Cat Management (Miscellaneous) Amendment Bill through the South Australian parliament. We’ve also see the first Australian state move to ban greyhound racing.

Both of these will have major effects on dog & cat welfare, and people with animals. Here’s how both changes may affect you. Read more

Is It OK To Put Dogs Outside?

I once knew a German Shepherd who lived in a tower block in an English estate. A normal first reaction would be to feel sorry for him, right?

He was one happy, happy dog. Why? His owner was well aware of the potential for problems. He went up and down the lift all day for his walks and toileting.

Was he happier than a dog that lives outside? Can it be true? Read more

Myth 33: Rabbits are easy pets

If there’s one thing that always makes me sad it’s ‘hard rubbish’ time. I ride my pushbike to work past the unwanted gear piled up on the kerbside and it gets an animal lover down.old rabbit hutch

It’s not the waste or mess that bothers me; it’s something common and very specific that we vets don’t usually get to see. These things.
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What koala cuddling can teach us about pets

sugar glider articleHaving pets is such a rewarding part of being human. But have you ever thought how it is we can keep animals as pets? Why are some animals great as pets and others often a complete disaster? What’s going on? Today I want to explain why a small group of mammals are literally made to be our pets and why you should think very carefully before owning any others. Read more