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How To Avoid Puppy Scams

30 seconds. That’s how long it took me to find a fake puppy being sold on Gumtree. Even I was surprised how easy it was. If you’re buying a puppy online, you need to know how many scammers there are out there. Why don’t you hear more? Just like other internet scams, embarrassment stops people […]

special vet words

20 Essential Vet & Animal Words

Are we talking gibberish? Here are 20 of the most common vet words that get us in trouble. Read this list and you’ll prevent a lot of misunderstanding at the vet. Acute Remember SARS: severe acute respiratory syndrome? It made a lot of people believe ‘acute’ means severe, when all it really means is ‘comes […]

dog vet exam

The One Thing Every Vet Wants You To Know

Looks don’t matter. I don’t mean that in a ‘politically correct’, ‘we shouldn’t be so superficial’ kind of way. I mean it quite literally: looks don’t matter to you. How can I say that? It’s obvious that some animals are cuter and more adorable than other ones. A cute kitty gets through my defences every time […]

give cat pill

Giving Cats Tablets (Or Ointment)

The advice you are getting is wrong. I’m to blame as much as anyone else. For years I’ve been blithely telling people how easy it will be. It was a friend of mine who first said, “Andrew, it was nothing like you showed me,” Then my own cat showed me, big time. There’s a big […]

train derailment

When Vets Make Mistakes

Sometimes in quieter moments, the past weighs heavily on me. What makes being a vet great is also what makes it so tough. It’s also one of the main reasons why so many young vets walk away from the job. Being a vet means being responsible for a patient’s care in a way that perhaps […]