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new parvo strain

The New Parvovirus Strain In Australian Dogs

UPDATE: We are glad to inform you that our standard Nobivac DHP vaccine has been proven to protect against strain CPV-2c. See more below. Every dog owner’s worst nightmare is Parvovirus. This week the detection of a new strain in Australia was announced. Although there’s no reason to panic, here’s what vets and dog owners […]

puppy food options

Feeding Your New Puppy FAQs

It’s very easy to feed a puppy correctly. Do it right and you’ll have a healthy, happy eater for life. Do it wrongly and you may end up with a fussy dog eating all the wrong foods. Or worse. Please visit our pages on Five steps to feeding puppies and adult dogs or How much […]

dark chocolate assortment

Common Hazards To Puppies

Before I show you the causes of the most serious problems we see in young puppies at my clinic, there’s one thing that you have to do: know where to go. This map shows your closest 24-hour veterinary emergency hospital so you know where it is before you need it. It wouldn’t be silly to even […]