A Puppy Checklist For The Social Distancing Age

puppy socialisation coronavirus

Updated May 13th, 2020

UPDATE 13 May: Limited puppy preschool places are now available at our clinic on Thursday nights. To comply with current regulations, we request that:

  • only one person comes with each puppy
  • class members wait outside until the start time

For puppies elsewhere in the world, I’m afraid that the puppies of the next few months won’t grow up the same. I fear that this virus will change how they enjoy the rest of their lives. But I also think you can do something about it.

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Vets Can Now Legally Treat FIP In Cats, Thanks To COVID

FIP antiviral treatment

The nightmare is almost over. Until very recently, a diagnosis of Feline Infectious Peritonitis was a death sentence. Either a slow, lingering decline or a decision to euthanase and spare the suffering. This happened to around 1% of cats, most of them still kittens.

Then it was discovered that certain antiviral drugs could not only improve the symptoms, they could actually bring about a cure. But there was still a hitch.

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Which Dog Breeds Are Prone To Cancer & Why?

dog looking sad

Updated November 22nd, 2020

I saw a beautiful, not old dog recently, and before I even touched him I knew what was wrong.

He was a Bernese Mountain Dog with enlarged lymph nodes, and I knew he had cancer in the same way I know it when:

  • a Rottweiler limps in a certain way
  • a German Shepherd suddenly goes pale and weak, or
  • a Staffie gets a lump on the leg
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Dog Attacks: What To Do, How To Prevent Them

dog attack

Emergency Info (details to follow):

If Your Dog Is Being Attacked

To separate dogs, try:

  • Water sprays or buckets
  • Aerosols and sprays (pepper spray is only legal in WA)
  • Personal duress alarm (hold buttons on each side of an iPhone down for 5 seconds)
  • A beach towel thrown over the aggressor’s head
  • Picking the aggressor up by the back legs (‘wheelbarrowing’ is dangerous and should only done by the dog’s owner)

Do not try to pull the other dog off. That’s up to their owner to do. You will get badly injured. Click here for your closest Adelaide Emergency vet.

Do not blame yourself. Often there’s nothing you can do due to the size and determination of the aggressor. You’ll probably also fail to get the owner’s details in the heat of the moment.

Now dive deeper…

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Why Are Sneezing & Watery Eyes So Common In Kittens?

kitten eye infection

Updated October 31st, 2020

There’s a very good reason why so many kittens come with sneezes, runny eyes or coughs. This is true whether it’s a young kitten with continuous symptoms, or an older cat where the problem seems to get better and then come back.

Once you know it, a lot of other common cat illnesses start to make sense.

To understand what’s special about cat diseases, you need to look at how they began. So stick with me! What I’m about to discuss could be the most important health issue of cats.

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The Most Common & Serious Poisons Of Dogs

home medications dog

In 2020, the American Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) published its data on poisonings in dogs. It’s the best information we have on household dangers to our canine friends.

From a dog-owner’s perspective, it contains two important lists: the top 5 reported poisonings and the top 20 fatalities. As you’ll see, these are quite different.

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