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thyroid cat treatment

The Look Of Thyroid Problems

The picture above shows Bingo, a cat from our clinic before and after treatment. I need all cat owners to know the warning signs of this insidious disease. You are looking at one of the top three diseases of older cats. Without treatment, it causes significant health problems leading to early death. I would say […]

Causes Of Limping On Front & Back Legs

We’ve written a guide to the common causes of limping in puppies and dogs. This companion page is designed to help you narrow down the possibilities based on which leg is lame. Causes of Limping On A Back Leg Patellar luxation Hip dysplasia Cruciate ligament rupture Neurological causes Arthritis Fractures Dislocations Bone Cancer Sprains Muscle […]

dog having puppies

Caring For Newborn Puppies

Hopefully you’ve read our guides to: Planning a dog’s pregnancy What to do when a dog is pregnant Dealing with birth problems in dogs Now the fun really begins. Here’s what to do and what to expect during the first 6 weeks of a litter of puppies. Post Whelping Check Please come down to the […]

mother and puppy

All About Dog Breeding

Know what a BYB is? That’s what some people call a ‘backyard breeder’. They see ‘BYB’s as poorly educated breeders of unhealthy pups totally motivated by money. In other words, no better than puppy farms. I have to tell you, there are certainly people like that here in Adelaide, and the new laws on dog […]